View or Download Song Lyrics in Windows Media Player and Winamp

There are times when we not only listen to songs but need their lyrics simultaneously. Obtaining lyrics for songs is very easy as they can be done through few searches and clicks through Google. But what if you get these features in your music player itself? Lyrics Plugin is as small plug-in for Windows Media Player and Winamp that will allow you to do so.

Using this plug-in is simple and needs no extra settings apart the preferred background, font color and size. You can also edit the lyrics of any song according to your wish. These changed will be saved and will start appearing from the next time you play the song.

Lyrics may not be available for all songs, in this situation this plug-in offers Google search to find and download the lyrics. To view the lyrics you have to switch the player in now playing mode. There are separate installers available for winamp and windows media player.

Download: Lyrics Plugin

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