Watch Hulu on Android Outside US and Stream Crackle, Netflix, Pandora, etc.

You might think that people living in US are lucky to get all exclusive stuffs, Streaming TV shows, Movies etc. This article focuses on breaking barrier and watch TV shows, stream movies from Crackle and Watch Hulu on Android outside US.

For Desktop Computers, I have already written about How you can watch Hollywood Movies online or even download American TV shows online for free. This guide however, is specifically for Android devices.

Before you are ready to stream, you need to install the app on your Android Device. But, when you try to download it via device, search result doesn’t show up with any app with the name. while when you try it on Web UI, it is shown as incompatible. So, let’s begin with How to download geographically restricted apps from Google Play store.

How to Download Restricted Apps From Play Store

To break geographical restrictions, you need to fake carrier and appear as a device on US mobile carrier network. To do that, there are apps like Market Enabler or Market Unlocker. Former is free so, I would recommend it.

Watch Hulu on Android Outside US

Open the app and Change your carrier to T-Mobile or Verizone USA and then open Play Store.

Now, search for the app you want to download may be “Hulu Plus”, “Netflix” or “Crackle” and install it.

Watch Hulu on Android Outside US

In case, it still shows incompatibility, then this might be because of unsupported hardware. Still, you can download it by following the guide to install apps on unsupported devices.

Though, you have installed it successfully, content won’t stream and you will still get error saying- We are only US service and doesn’t work outside US.

Watch Hulu on Android Outside US

How to Stream and Watch Hulu on Android Outside US

The Trick is changing DNS and works when connected via Wi-Fi.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Make sure Wi-Fi is on and you’re connected to a network
  3. Select Wi-Fi (not the switch, the text)
  4. Long press your preferred network until the forget/modify menu opens
  5. Select modify
  6. Select Show advanced options
  7. Select Static in IP settings
  8. All relevant addresses should already be pre-filled
  9. Select DNS 1 and enter:
  10. Select DNS 2 and enter:
    watch hulu on android outside us 
  11. Press Save
  12. Reboot your device
  13. Open the Android web browser
  14. Visit the Tunlr status check page to verify that Tunlr is activated

Please note: Tunlr does not support Android versions prior to Android 4.0 ICS.

This guide doesn’t help you to watch Hulu on Android outside US for free. You will still need Hulu Plus subscription which can be bought using PrePaid Cards from resellers or Virtual Credit Card by faking US Address. Same applies to other services which requires paid subscription to access content on mobile devices.

Watch Hulu, Listen Pandora Radio and More Without Proxy on Computer

You can also use Tunlr DNS on Windows PC or Mac and watch movies from Crackle, TV shows from Hulu or Listen Pandora Internet Radio easily. Just change Network DNS as following:

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
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Letvia Mariones - August 23, 2012

Do this really work? Coz I’m paying $5 a month for a vpn from, its not that I’m complaining, their service works and makes my movie and tv addiction satisfied, but if this really work and I don’t have to pay at all, this will be really really awesome. Thanks.

Luke - October 5, 2012

Tunlr no longer works. help! their netflix is broken

    Drian - October 11, 2012

    Yup. Tunlr have mentioned in their blog post that they have stopped support for Netflix. There are other paid DNS service you can look up for Netflix. One such is unotelly. For 4 bucks a month, they offer about 40 channels. Check it out.

      Rohit Langde - October 11, 2012

      Thanks Drian for adding up “unotelly” to our information database. Do you know of any service which could do that for free?

Nicolai - January 2, 2013

This works like a charm. I can watch Crackle and hulu wich is basicly all i need. As netflix just came to my Country. On top of that bieng able to watch it on my phone as well is Nice too.


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