Watch Torrent Movies, Play Streaming Video Torrents without Full Download

Downloading Movies and Videos via Torrents is quite popular and sometimes Download waiting time is quite cumbersome. TorStream is an innovative service infact first of its kind which allows you to watch Torrent Videos online. Yes, Play videos from Torrent and watch them live without waiting for complete download.

TorStream Plugin is actually a modified Bittorent client which can stream live videos from torrents. Download and install the plugin and it enables streaming right inside your browser.

How to Watch Streaming Torrent Videos

Go to Torstream Homepage, Type the name of Movie or Video you like to watch and results are displayed. Select the one with good Seeds so that Video playback is smooth and uninterrupted. Click on Watch infront of the Torrent selected.

Media Player Like YouTube will come up which start Pre-Buffering followed by Buffering the video. And Video Playback starts (The time taken for this process depends upon your Internet connection speed.)

Watch Video Torrents

Also, you can download movies from TorStream into your Hard Drive. On Homepage, choose Remote Torrent and type the keyword or upload Torrent. In this way, it also acts as a Normal Torrent client.

Site: TorStream

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harsha - November 10, 2010

nice info..,

kael - November 11, 2010

it seems to be useful,but i still don’t know if i must to download and install this program,and if yes,where can i start to download?

Nihar - November 16, 2010

Thanks for sharing this. Will check this out.

It might not be good in India due to slow speed


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