Watch Yahoo, Flickr and YouTube Videos with Yahoo Messenger Contacts

yahoo-messenger-iconIt would be a great idea to share and discuss about a video chatting with your friend on yahoo Messenger. Zync plugin for Yahoo Messenger offers an experience far superior to that of Messenger TV, rather than simply a video service, lets us share content from Yahoo Video, and Flickr and YouTube.

Zync Plugin interface

Zync Plugin interface

It is appreciated that we are not restricted to a single video service. To use it simply have to install it, and then, when we’re chatting with someone, paste the link to the video you want to do with the other person, and then press the button “Watch with me.”

The other person will get an invitation to load the plug-in Zync and watch the video at the same time while we can continue chatting. They will see exactly the same, so if a user pauses the video, this also will pause for the other person. It should be mentioned that the plug-ins for Yahoo Messenger only serve to windowsera version of this instant messaging client.

Download Zync Plugin

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sabretooth - April 28, 2011

That´s alright. I think that last MSN version has this gret thing without installin any plugin. Hope it get here soon. cheerS!


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