How To Open Web Browsers In Metro Mode In Windows 8

With the advent of Windows 8, Metro apps have become prevalent. Not just new but existing traditional software applications started having their Metro version. So, here is a list of Web browsers for Windows 8 with Metro version and procedure to activate and access it.

Internet Explorer

internet explorer 10 Metro iconsBy default, Internet Explorer 10 is installed on Windows 8. It has both variants namely the desktop windows mode and Metro mode too. But at a time, only one mode can be activated. To open IE 10 in metro mode, you have to make it default web browser of Windows 8.

To do that, go to Start screen and type “default”. “Default Programs” will appear, click on it which opens a new window. Now, click on “Set your Default programs” which is a first option.

Find Internet Explorer in the list of programs given on left sidebar. Select it and click on “Select this program as default”.

On start screen, you will notice the change in the icon of Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer is now set to open in Metro mode only. To revert back, you will have to remove it as a default browser.

Google Chrome

google chrome metro modeGoogle Chrome too comes with two modes namely Desktop and Metro (Windows 8) mode and to access them you don’t have to set it as default browser. Modes can be changed anytime you want to.

Open Google Chrome and click on Settings icon (3 horizontal bars on top-right which was wrench in earlier versions). Click on “Relaunch Chrome in Windows 8 Mode” and browser will now restart in Metro mode.

To revert back to Desktop mode, repeat the same procedure.

firefox metro logo


Mozilla released a preview version of Firefox Metro app but later deleted it from repository. It is not available for download at the moment (21 Nov 2012). When Final build of Firefox Metro version for Windows 8 is released, this article will be updated.


There is no news about Metro app for Opera Web browser but I expect it soon.

If you use some other web browser which already has its Metro version, do tell me by commenting so that it can be added to the article.

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Nilesh Chakraborty - November 22, 2012

I am unable to connect the internet in the metro UI mode but internet works in the desktop mode.I dont know what is the problem but all works well in the desktop mode. I use windows 8 Pro (Genuine).


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