WebM Players: Play WebM Videos on Windows, Mac, Linux Without Codec

With the emergence of HTML5 Websites and YouTube adopting it, WebM has gained quite importance recently. Popular Web Browsers and some Media Players have already integrated support for playing WebM videos without installing any codec on Windows, Mac and Linux.

WebM Player For Windows

WebM Player

Video players are now coming with inbuilt codec for WebM playback on Windows. VLC Media Player remains my favorite choice to play WebM videos on Windows but You can download any of the following WebM Player for Windows and play right away:

None of the Media Players listed above require any kind of codec installation to play WebM files but in case, you are WMP Fan and want to play WebM videos on Windows Media Player, then you need to install a codec.

Download WebM codec for Windows Media player. Though, it refers to Internet Explorer, it also brings compatibility for WMP.

WebM Player For Ubuntu (Linux) or Mac

Either download VLC or even XBMC from the links above and you will be able to play WebM on any Linux Distro like Ubuntu or Mac OS X.

WebM Video Player Android

I couldn’t find any Media player which could play WebM Videos but you can stream WebM videos using Google Chrome for Android.

Play WebM Videos in Web Browser

All Major Web Browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and , Internet Explorer and Opera supports WebM. Go to Youtube HTML 5 and opt-in to start playing WebM (VP8 coded) videos on Web Browsers.

Download WebM Video

Check out Browser Compatibility for WebM Video by trying to play the video embedded below. Right click to Play or Download it on Hard Drive.

WebM Video Converter

Convert any Video Format to WebM Video using Miro Video Converter. Also, WebM can also be converted into other video formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, etc using the same.

Convert WebM Video Player

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PAYA; - May 6, 2014

i am unable to c .webm videos in vlc.. pls help me….. video is running but its distorted….


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