5 Websites to Create Strong and Easy to Remember Passwords for Daily Use

Password is simply a way of authentication that lets the system identify the user. Creating a strong password is not a big deal, but to create a strong, secure, and hack-proof password is a big deal.

Creating a strong and secure password by you is not an easy task and also the task of remembering it is tougher than creating it (Though you can always write it somewhere like mobile phone or diary). I’m going to state the names of some websites that creates strong and secure password customized by you for your needs.

1. NewPasswordGenerator


NewPasswordgenerator lets you create password the way you want them to be, giving you the option to either create an easy-to-remember password or a strong and secure password. If you go for any of the two options, you can further customize your password with the options of number of letters and digits to be used (easy-to-remember) or whether to use lowercase/uppercase letters with numbers and symbols (strong and safe).

2. GRC Ultra High Security Password Generator

GRC password generator

If you visit the GRC’s password generator page, you’ll be presented with high-quality randomly generated password that will make your granny cry if you even think of remembering them. The passwords are extremely strong, secure, and some can even say hack proof. If you want some new randomly generated password just hit the reload button on your browser.

3. PC Tools Secure Password Generator

pctools password generator

PC Tools Secure Password Generator is so secure that it even lets you open their password generator page in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secured version. This password generator like GRC creates a very strong password but unlike it, it lets you create your own password with lots of customizable options. It even provides you with the option of showing your password in Phonetic form.

4. Passphra

passphra password generator

This website may not be able to create extremely strong password like the ones created by GRC and PC Tools, but it does provide you with password that are a bit strong and easy to remember. The password generator presents you with passwords that are long and easy to remember such as “cattle shade piece war”.

5. WolframAlpha


If you haven’t heard about this website then you need to check it out. Wolfram is more or less like Google but only for scientific/mathematical searches. To generate a strong password from wolfram alpha just type password in the search box and hit enter. You’ll be presented with lots of option to create a strong and secure password.

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Mos - January 5, 2012

thank you.Do you have VPN (proxy) for free search ?


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