Distort And Give Weird Picture Effects to Face With These Android Apps

Enough of Android being a productive hen, lets rejoice and have some fun distorting our own face, though you can torture your friends too. Lets explore some entertaining Android apps which allows users to play with their faces. Go bald, old or be a bad zombie or warp up your face till you tickle.

5 Entertaining Android Apps

Fat Booth

fat booth android app resultfat booth android app result

If you are kind of weak just like me, it’s time to take course of Android app Fat Booth and add few pounds of beauty to your face. Just snap one right now one of yours or collect a friends photo from the gallery and add few pounds of extra chubbiness to his/her face. Upload the photo, mend eyes, nose, chin positions and you are all set to add some instant calories to your face.

A must try Android App if you want to have light fun to rejoice the moment. Not the best, but does exactly what it says, the few pounds.

DownloadFat Booth

Make Me Bald

make me bald android app menumake me bald results

Don’t just wonder how many hairs would you posse in your 70s, lets give a way to your imagination with Make Me Bald Android app, the imaginary razor in Make Me Bald Android app works out your hair pretty well. Similar method to that of above, capture one right there or upload one from the Android image gallery, users can even grab their friends photo from Facebook too and the imaginary razor is all set to make you bald and voila, here comes your imagination comes out to be true. This is how you going to look in your 70s.

Works great, even without a barber, download and install it from Android Market. Here’s the address.
DownloadMake Me Bald

Make Me Old

make me old android app menumake me old results

That early? Alright, here’s the Android app to count out your wrinkles within no time. Another similar Android app, have to check the whether the developer is same person or not. Just upload one from the image gallery or fire up one from your Android smartphones camera or lurk one out of yours friend from the Facebook account. Match the face with the Make Me Old pre-defined graphical positions to get the best out of this Android app. Along with that it also allows you to add few more details including specs, new hairs, moustache and more. Create a old gentleman out of yours face within seconds. And do not forget to count those extra wrinkles.Make Me Old is a best entertainer and works the way it should be. You may not like those kind of fake wrinkles, but that’s just how they look. Happy distorting your face. Free to use, download it from Android Market.
DownloadMake Me Old

Photo Warp

photo warp android app results

This is the Android app with quite a bigger face to distort and to play with. Fire up the Android app and theirs a face ready to behave cool with all your acts of making it more funny. Finger tap is all you need to show your creativity and create the unique photo warp. Photo Warp is the easiest to use Android app allows users to play with the face. And you are free to share and tear the photo warp you just created, with your friends or followers.

Quite a nice Android app having flexible features to use and enjoy face warp the way a user wanted it to be. Could’ve been better than that with some extra features just like the Make Me Old possesses.

DownloadPhoto Warp

Zombie Booth

Time to scare you to death, instead of those Bollywood’s scary monsters in cinema, save your money and time just by trying this Zombie Booth Android app, which allows you to mash up face till it scare you to death. Just a photo is what all needed to create a zombie out of it. Feed in your pretty face from the Android smartphone gallery or snap one right then to scare the hell out. Let me save your few breaths by telling you that Zombie Booth instead of creating a photo, creates an animation which will pretty much scares you out. And now that’s me posing bright for you.

zombie android app

Nice Android app to create a perfect Zombie avatar out of your photo. Take some time to create the zombie version of the photo you’ll just feed in. Free to use, why not create a Zombie. Download it from Android Market.

DownloadZombie Booth

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