What Fanboys think about other Operating systems?

It has been a long time since, I have posted something in Fun on Web. Today, I came across a funny image on a blog which shows interpretation by fanboys about other Operating systems. Like What image does a Windows Fanboy have in his mind about other OS say Mac OS X or Linux (which he may not have used personally) So, let’s have a look at it:

I am not a fanboy but as I have only used Windows so, I definitely think what it is shown in the image. For me, Mac is a thing of more show-off and magnificent looks and onthe contrary, I fear using Linux becuase I think- it needs knowledge of coding and commands even for playing a song 🙂

So, Which Fanboy are you?

via: Global nerdy

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Tushar Dhara - January 13, 2010

nice post,
we used for gaming windows and other than that use Linux.

meanpt - January 14, 2010

Still dont use Mac Os because dont know hot to install it in a a amd turion 64 x2 machine. And I don’t share your opinion about Mac Os.

I do use Windows as my native and base os, as well as linux in everything that implies using internet. I Like and use most Mandriva and Slitaz. Also run tinycore when have to use an very low resources alien computer.The other two linuxes are ran from virtualbox portable.

Leo - September 6, 2010

Have tried all 3 of them.
1. Linux is good, but i don’t understand how it works. Confusing. Need more knowledge to use this.
2. Mac? It’s true. More to a show-off. But i get everything i need, done using Mac. With fun.
3. Windows. The most usable OS around. I play games on Windows. But everyone knows it’s a crap. Except for Windows fanboys.


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