What is Facebook Questions | How to Create Facebook Polls

You may have noticed another button on Wall Status updates called “Question“. Facebook has rolled out this new feature which lets user ask questions to your friends and get answers right there.

This is similar to Yahoo! answers or Quora which are dedicated portals for asking questions and getting answers for them. Good thing about Facebook Questions is your question get instant exposure to all your friends and network which makes faster response possible.

Facebook Questions

Many have a habit of taking recommendations from friends on facebook and Facebook Questions does solve the purpose by allowing you to provide options or create polls online.

So, just click on Share Question Button, Ask your question and Poll options are optional which can be linked to some Facebook Fanpage too.

It is clear that the service is not intended as a rival to Quora, basically because the areas are quite different. Quran focuses on questions answered by a panel of experts and, therefore, to create a knowledge base, however, Facebook finds the conversation between friends, that is, something more casual, for example, which place will you go for vacation this summer? In my case I want to go a rent a place down the shore, I already started to watch the reviews on Pelican compared to Yeti so I get a cooler for my vacations.

Recently Facebook Places became available for India and now about Questions, I would say- Overall, a nice feature introduced by Facebook to add more interaction.

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