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What to do with Inactive Website / Blog and Make Profit out of it

Each web page of the billions that make up the Internet, is like a small farm on which we settle and cultivate our content for profit or may be to help others or just to ramble.

As a matter of fact, these websites require some care and time that, in certain cases, it is likely you do not have. This is the main reason why pages are left to their fate, with outdated information, broken links or undesired redirects.

If you own a personal website, blog or similar and you have no further interest in having it, we will help you take advantage or profit and to avoid staying in the gutter.

Download Complete Website Offline

Will you sell of Farmland before harvesting? Same thing is applicable to website: the entire contents of your site deserves to be kept on your computer: first, because you may want to return in the future, and second, because you can dump the contents, if you wish, in other format like ebooks where it can be useful and put into good use.

To download all the web pages, you need a full fledged web page grabbing software. You can use HTTrack to download complete website data, files and pages, though the tool made for offline browsing but can be used otherwise.

Alternative options are downloading Website backup Dump provided by Hosting company or download files using FTP program.

Remove Site from Search Engines

It is another step that will allow you to avoid plagiarism and other problems in the future. For Google, which is most used Search Engine, you can delete site URLs from Web Master Tools.

Add your site on Webmaster Tools and request removal of Website pages from Search engine index.

Sell Web Domain name

The Internet domain is the address that leads to your website and you enter the address bar of the browser. In some cases, these names can be quite a treasure, sometimes take value coinciding with a new brand or to be original, but most important thing- it is as valuable as the pages you post on website.

If your site has become a small success of visits, rest assured that there will be people interested in buy it. They may contact you if you take time without refreshing the page, but if you don’t want to wait, you also have the option to put it on sale. It is certainly much better than losing it waiting to expire.

Putting a price on your domain is not easy because it depends on many variables: the web recent activity, volume of unique visitors per month and external indicators such as PageRank or position on Alexa.com. Study the largest number of factors, see domains with similar names and not be greedy with the first offer, it usually follows a system of auctions.

Sell your Blog with Content

With the phenomenon of blogs and at the time of maturity, it is increasingly fashionable to sell them and pass business: the buyer gets the domain space, content and, of course, visitors who come regularly and those who do so in the future.

Sell a blog by listing it on proper places. the purchase price is usually between 20 and 30 times their monthly earnings, depending on the number of visits, something that rarely will get you out of poverty.

Alternative uses of Web Hosting

To finalize the closure of your website, terminate the hosting service you are using is the best option … Not always. Having that external server space can be an advantage beyond the publication of web pages. Let’s see some extra uses that could give:

  1. Store Files: Depending upon the monthly file transfer and storage space, your web host may be cheaper option for storing up files on web instead of using dedicated services like Dropbox and Sugarsync.
  2. Forum / l Network Partners: If you want to have a reserved space to create your own online community, you’ll be happy to know that there CMS (content management) dedicated specifically to mimic social networks like Facebook. Some examples include BuddyPress (derived from WordPress), HotaruCMS or Pligg , which can be installed on the same space.

Do you have an inactive abandoned website? What good use you are going to put into? Act Fast before it’s too late!

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sandy - November 25, 2011

nyc post

sim - November 25, 2011

Good one..

Mercedes - November 26, 2011

Many Thanks Rohit… great info!

gIR - November 26, 2011


tech mitra - November 28, 2011

Why shld people download entire website if they want to sell it?also instead if copied they can download theu ftp,import export from cms

    Rohit Langde - November 28, 2011

    FTP will transfer only files but if your site data is stored in Database for example as in WordPress, HTTrack can be useful for offline browsing.


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