Which Cloud Storage should I use to Backup Data Online Safely

With emergence of Cloud technology, Cloud Storage has been immensely popular to backup data online safely. Dropbox, though was said to be most prominent underwent some serious security concerns but we always have alternative options.

But selection of right service is difficult in some cases and that’s the reason, I came up with some reliable Cloud Storage services to store and backup data online. All the services listed hereby have their usability mentioned to make choosing for user easy.

1. SugarSync

SugarSync stands first as an alternative to Dropbox. (Sugarsync vs Dropbox) SugarSync allows users to sync their data to multiple devices, ensures automatic data backup (if in case you edit your data). Special features to view and share photos and videos. Allows users to publish their photos to Facebook accounts. All that, with the top-level security – encrypted format using 128-bit AES, the one used for online financial transactions.

Useful Details –

  • Storage Space Provided – 5 GB free space as per Free plan, where the most popular plan costs $14.99 for 100 GB.
  • Desktop Support – Windows XP, Vista and 7, 512MB RAM, 100MB free disk space, Mac OS X 10.5 or greater, 512MB RAM, 100MB free disk space.
  • Mobile Application For – Android OS v1.5 and above, iOS 4, Blackberry OS 4 or later, Windows Phone 7, and Symbian.
  • Supported Web Browser – IE7 or greater, Firefox 3.6 or greater, Chrome 8 or greater, Safari 5.0 or greater.

2. Box.net

Box.net is another great option to choose as it provides much faster ways to upload content to their servers. Users can upload content via the source link, or as the whole folder. Be it an Android, iOS, Blackberry smart phone or a tablet, Box.net app is available at their respective outlets free of cost. Like Box.net also do not support Linux OS, is a let down for Linux users. A Good option for online collaborators, where they can edit, pass comments, share their documents with ease. On top, users can get real-time updates about any changes made to the file. Box.net is much cheaper option than SugarSync.

Useful Details –

  • Storage Space Provided – 5 GB of free storage space, business plan costs $15/user/month and provides 1000 GB (Provides 14 day trial)
  • Desktop Support – Windows Vista SP2 or later, Mac OSX sds10.5 or later
  • Mobile Application Available For – Android 2.0 or later, iOS 4.0 or later, Blackberry
  • Box.net can be accessed using all modern Web Browsers.

3. Windows Live Mesh

Though, provides 25 GB of storage space, but Windows Live Mesh only works on Windows PC. And there are no enterprise plans to expand that space further, it’s not actually meant for commercial use. Quite intuitive user interface, users find it easy to use. Real-time changes are implemented as soon as changes are made to the documents. Provides remote access to the files stored in any remote machine. Windows Live Mesh is also available for Mac users.

Useful Details –

  • Storage Space Provided – 25 GB of free storage space, and that’s it.
  • Desktop Support – Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008.
  • No Mobile Applications are available.
  • All modern Web Browsers are supported.

4. SpiderOak

SpiderOak, another great way to enjoy cloud storage services, best thing about this service is that it provides 50 GB of storage space as you refer your friends to join via your refer link. Others might access their data for security purpose, but they follow a rule “100% Zero-knowledge Privacy” where your data is password protected right through your machine, and not the form provided by them. Other services, are charging for every new machine you add to your network, but with SpiderOak that’s completely free. You can connect unlimited number of machines without paying a single penny. This was just a prolusion, I would suggest to use this, if you want to store your personal document files.

Useful Details –

  • Storage Space Provided –is 2 GB to store data free of cost, premium accounts costs $10 per 100+ GB storage space.
  • Desktop Support – Windows, Mac, and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora & openSUSE).
  • Some Mobile Applications – available for Android OS v2.0, iOS, Blackberry.
  • All Modern Web Browsers are supported.

5. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive allows you to connect up to 8 devices, though a bit costly than others, but it provides tight security to your documents stored over to their servers. Whatever media content you purchase via Amazon is automatically stored over there free of charge. Unlike others, it does not provide syncing service. Users have to manually upload/download media content to and fro. Not a good cloud storage service for corporate users, but one can fetch 5 GB of free space to store their media content.

Useful Details –

  • 5 GB free, 100 GB for $100 per year
  • Desktop Support – Whatever supports Flash, is good to go with Amazon Cloud Drive.
  • Amazon Cloud Drive Mobile Applications -– iOS browser support, Android OS v2.0
  • Web Browser- All of them, which support Flash.

6. Wuala

If you are looking for a military graded security, then Wuala cloud storage service is what you need. Files before transmission are encrypted at your machines and the every file transmitted are stored at multiple servers, Being open source, Wuala can be accessed using any desktop including Windows, Mac, Linux. Like others, users can sync, share, download,upload their data from any where, anytime. Your data is fragmented and saved to different servers located at different places. Bit expensive, but I would recommend this if you are looking to hide your confidential data.

Useful Details –

  • Free Space Provided – 2 GB, 500 GB costs $499 per year
  • Desktop Supported – – Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Mobile Application -– Android OS v2.1, iOS 4.2 later required.
  • Web Browsers –- All Modern Web Browsers

7. Ubuntu One

Another 5 GB of free space provided by Ubuntu One. Good choice, if you are looking forward to stream music on the go. Provides extra paid storage space of 20 GB for just $3.99 per month. Another 20 GB of incremented storage space cab be added at $2.99 per month. Not a recommended piece for commercial use, but a good choice for music lovers as it provides much advanced features to access music on the go via mobile applications.

Useful Details –

  • 5 GB free space.
  • Desktop Supported– – Windows, Linux only.
  • Mobile Applications – Android OS v2.1, iOS version 3.1 and up required for iPhone and iPad.
  • All Modern Web Browsers are supported.

So that’s add up to 49 GB of free space, use them wisely. If you are looking for a commercial use then try Wuala, music lovers can go with Ubuntu One, data hoarders can choose Windows Live Mesh, whereas Flexibility wise, SugarSync is the best.

If still not sure, I would suggest signing up for most of them as a free user and connect all cloud storage accounts and access from one window or even you map it as a network drive in Windows Computer.

Which one is your favorite? Or any other cloud storage service you are using? Do connect with me via comments.

By – Amit Sharma is an author at Theitechblog.com, he also contributes to Android Mobile Tips. He is a passionate Blogger and a Tech Enthusiast who likes to write down his mind over various Technologies and loads of Geek Stuff.

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