Which Folders are Taking Up Space on My Hard Disk

Suddenly, the Drive shows red color and you wonder which folder on your hard disk is taking up space. Searching for this manually would be a laborious job. I have already covered Disk Space Analyzers which can do it. And here are some dedicated free tools to know folders taking up space.

Finding those Folders can help you know the reason behind Low disk space. Following are some software tools which can scan Drives and represent Folders according to sizes.

1. FilePro

It is a simple software which represents the folders according to their size in different graphical forms. On opening the program, you have to run a scan of a drive and charts will be created accordingly.


In the Tree Map view, you can zoom in and zoom out with mouse scroll to get the clea idea which folder is taking space on your hard drive.

Right click on the area and you get more options about it like accessing its shell properties or viewing it in Windows explorer.

Programs has other views of presentation namely Tree size, Folder Statistics for easy reading.

Download File Pro (Available as Installer as well as Portable version)

2. Folder Size

Portable Freeware  to find which folder is taking space on windows computer. Presentation and Interface of Folder size is really attractive and easy to read.

folder size

Folder sizes can be represented in form of sizes and percentages in pie chart, bar graph and more.

Software is fully functional except Report exporting feature which requires PRO version.

Download Folder Size

3. GetFolderSize

Get Folder Size is completely free application compatible from Windows 2000 to Windows 8. Somewhat slow in scanning and even the reporting isn’t attractive but spotting the folder taking up space is easily spotted. It allows exporting of reports for free.

get folder size

Download GetFolderSize

4. JDisk Report

JDiskReport is cross-platform for Windows, Mac, and Linux must be installed and requires the presence of Java, at least version 5, preferably the latest available.

jDisk Report

Scanning is slower than others, at least on my computer , but it does provide many types of data, all in pie chart format.

While browsing, I could easily find the largest file or folder.

Download JDiskReport

5. RidNacs

Software requires installation and you can optionally add an option in right click context menu to analyze folder.


Folder to be scanned has to be specified and they are represented according to size instantly. But  the results are just like sorting by size without any graphical presentation.

The result of the scan can be exported in different formats (XML, HTML, CSV, TXT), so it could be printed or compared with future scans.

Download RidNacs

Hope these are enough alternatives to find out the folders taking up space. After finding out the obsolete, unused thing, delete it. If not easily found, here are 5 ways to free up Disk Space on Windows.

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Ankur Mhatre - December 22, 2012

5 software to find folder size and then 5 ways to free up disk space. Nice combination.

srinu smart - December 23, 2012

Mate, Can you tell me which software I must install?

Amit Kulat - May 21, 2013

i have used FilePro and i must say it is the best app i have used


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