Who are Talking About You and Your Blog on Social Media and Internet

It’s human tendency to be curious about what people are talking about them. If you are a Blogger or involved in any Business on Internet, you surely want to know who all are talking about you, What people are saying about your brand. Not just on Social Media but on whole world wide web.

It would be nice if you get alerted whenever someone said a word about you or mention you anywhere on web. Till now, I used Google Alerts to monitor my name and my blog for mention on web.

1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a service which would monitor certain keyword (maybe your name, something of your interest, your blog’s name). And when something appears, email will arrive with details about the mention.

Google alerts

Google alerts are restricted to receiving just an email. I will introduce to one more nice application to get alerted whenever someone mentions you in blog, tweets or write a Facebook update about you. That too in more sophisticated way.

2. Mention

Mention is a name of app which lets you do this.

Sign up on mention and create alert for a keyword you want to monitor.

You can specify where to look for. For example specific sites, Social Media or complete web.

You can also filter out some URLs just to avoid clutter. Filtering URLs include your own sites and profiles where you mention yourself (obviously!).

Results are shown in pretty cool interface. Right tab shows details about each mention when clicked.

Mention has Windows app, Web Interface and Chrome app too. Also has support for inbuilt Chrome notifications.

mention chrome notifier

Free version lets you get 1000 mentions per month and I bet that’s more than enough. Yup, you can always invite your friend and get 1000 more mentions for free in case you are feeling short of it.

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Vivek Nath.R - August 17, 2012

Google Alerts has such a great feature, don’t know about this.


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