Wikipedia Companion : A Mini Wiki Browser inside Google Chrome

Wikipedia is one of the largest online resources covering almost all the topics. Whatever be your query, you will certainly get a wise suggestion from this online storage. Now, you don’t have to go Wikipedia every time for searching. You can do it from Google Chrome with the help of a cool Chrome extension.

Wikipedia Companion is a nifty Chrome extension that lets you search for your query directly from Google Chrome without opening a new tab. Download and install Wikipedia Companion.

Wikipedia Companion - A Mini Wiki Browser for Google Chrome

Confirm this Mini Wiki Browser to access your data on

Allow Wikipedia Companion to Access Your Data on Wikipedia

Within seconds it gets installed and you will see a Wikipedia icon on the right-top toolbar of browser.

Wikipedia Companion Icon on Browser Toolbar

Now, whenever you want to search for something in Wikipedia, just click the icon. It will open a pop-up containing the search box. Type your query and hit the search button. To view the results in a new tab, hit “Open in Tab”. There are several more buttons like “Clear History”, “Go Back”, “Go Forward” for easy searching process.

Wikipedia Companion Pop-up Containing Search Box

If you want to change the language, click “Options”. It will open a new tab where you can change language preference, pop-up window width, font size etc. There is another option to show featured article on start-up.

Settings of Wikipedia Companion Chrome Extension

Customize these settings according to your like and experience a more efficient wiki searching right from your favorite browser!

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