Windows 7 Boot Updater to Change Windows 7 Boot Animation

To change boot animations, there may be manual hacks by changing system file but here is a nifty software to change Windows 7 Boot Animation. Windows 7 Boot Updater changes Boot animation in no time.

When Windows starts, if you are tired of seeing same default windows logo animation as boot screen, then its time to change the way it looks.

Windows 7 Boot Updater is a portable software with which you can customize the image which can be animated or static. Also, the text can be customized according to your way.

Windows 7 Bootscreen Changer

It offers various options to customize the appearance of boot screen. Not only customizing but also you can backup the current screen and restore boot screen if you run into error.

Boot Screen Animation can be previewed before you apply.

Download Windows 7 Boot Updater

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Surkhab - January 21, 2011

Thanks for this helpful post….

Ganesh - January 23, 2011

It doesn’t work at all. Just goes into Startup Repair on reboot. Didn’t try in x64 yet. x86 doesn’t support it. But no permanent damage even if you try and change.

Mr Miserable - January 24, 2011

Please guys I highly recommend NOT TO USE THIS APPLICATION
The next time you reboot, it goes into startup repair & restores it to setting just after like a newly installed windows!!!
It reverted my PC to 1 month back
Very miserable. All installed programs gone & flied away..
I’m now going to format my system.


uvais - February 8, 2011

yes its make your windows corrupted i try 3 times 🙁

kosmic - April 4, 2011

Works great both in x86 and x64 dont know why they not working for other people


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