Classic start Menu on Windows 7

In Windows 7, there is no option to switch over to Classic start menu or Windows 95/98 style menu. But, still if you miss that feature then you can get back to classic style.

It is within the logical design of the new superbar that developments such as integrated search make more sense for an application launcher if we use more than 5 programs. However there is who does not think so and wants to give the possibility to use the classic menu in Windows 7, either because they are used or some other obscure reason.

You have two options 😮 one is paid and and another free download.

Classic Start Menu (CSMenu) is the program that implements this menu practically modeled the previous Windows. It opens like a normal program, so we can add the launcher to the new superbar to take both the new menu as this menu is classic at once. The forum has been created where you have recorded a video for you to view your installation, since it is not too intuitive, and requires several additional steps.

Windows 7 Classic start Menu

Windows 7 Classic start Menu

If you really want the classic menu and do not want to go through all the steps above, there is another solution that integrates best, is a more faithful reproduction and a normal installer: Seven Classic Start. The problem is that costs 25 USD, which seems a little robbery for what it does.

Still, I would recommend to prefer the default start menu of Windows 7 which is undoubtedly best and just a press of key away.

Download Classic start menu

Download Seven Classic Start Menu

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love classic - March 23, 2010

Just use this. It is perfect and FREE:


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