7 program to Enhance Windows 7

Windows 7 RTM has taken place in many machines running over the world. Here are some applications that will serve to improve system performance and take full advantage of its features.

1. Enhance My se7en

A program that brings together a number of tools to modify certain parameters of Windows 7. Allows better maintenance of the system and exert greater control over some of its functions. Among other things offer a cleaner log file, monitoring the health of the hard disk and its temperature optimization parameter of the system and the Internet.

2. Process Assassin

While Windows 7 is a very stable and increasingly reduces the problems with applications or drivers, you never have to hand over a utility like Process Assassin. Through this program, you can terminate a definitive process in the system without having to go to task manager.

3. Revo Uninstaller

Removal tools are a powerful partner for system maintenance. Although Windows 7 has improved the work by adding some functions to uninstall the program Revo Uninstaller offers more opportunities and more efficient facilities to eliminate programs. We can use this tool while installing the application as running the portable version.

4. Standalone Stack

While Windows 7 is much improved control of the desktop and windows, is never more to increase the order of our icons. Standalone application with the Stack may group shortcuts into one. When we double click on it, a list whose appearance can configure it in different ways.

5. Sysinternals Process Explorer

One of the most practical Sysinternals utilities, a set of utilities that allow you to modify certain parameters and control of the system. The Process Explorer offers many more possibilities than the task manager, making it possible to monitor suspicious processes and obtain a complete list of information about them.

6. Teracopy

We have already spoken of this simple but useful tool that improves the process of copy of Windows. Accelerates the process of copying and improving management tasks such as renaming or overwrite files with the same name. A very powerful works perfectly with Windows 7.

7. VLC Media Player

Although Windows Media Player 12 is much improved over its predecessor and offers more possibilities such as streaming, implementation remains a heavy and sometimes encounter problems when playing certain formats (although less so than its predecessors). VLC implementation is a simple and practical solution that will allow us to play virtually any video using few system resources.

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CarlT - October 16, 2009

Enhance My se7en crashes Windows 7 and causes all manner fo problems with the desktop environment. Google “enhancemy7” for just a few of the forums warning people away from this program. I’ve had two W7 system fail due to this program, 32 and 64.

After it corrupts the desktop or botches the desktop tweaks, it is near impossible to correct the corrupted tweaks using other tweaking programs, even after performing an “undo” prior to uninstalling EMS.

Michael Palmer - October 23, 2009

I’ve been using enhance my se7en since it came out for my RTM.
I’ve never crashed anything. If you crash something then you are doing something that you don’t know enough about.
I don’t know that much about Windows but I know enough to not select the things that will damage my computer.
I’ve totally customized my computer with this application it works perfectly!
I’ve removed the Windows services I never use [Like tablet PC]
And added some I didn’t know existed.
Overall this is the best application you can get for Windows 7.
Just don’t use options that you don’t what they do.

Eschelar - April 17, 2010

Actually, this list is great for XP and a waste of time for 7.

I have used most of these programs in XP and found them excellent, however most of them already have features that are copied natively in win7.

Can’t speak for enhance my se7en, but none of those features look important.

Process assassin is basically pointless in 7. I’ve been using 7 for over a year now and never needed anything like this. If it crashes, I can kill it. Control-shift-escape is the new control alt delete. Same goes for Proc Explorer which is excellent in XP and largely unnecessary in 7.

Revo uninstaller? ok, whatever. You really have that many problems uninstalling programs that you need to install a standalone program to do it?

Standalone stack is kinda cool, but with the new powerful taskbar, why would you want to have icons on your desktop? I am running 5 computers with Win7 and not one of them has a single thing on the desktop except the recycle icon. That new taskbar is the best thing about win7.

Teracopy’s features are built into win7.

VLC is the only really relevant program on this list and is still strongly recommended.

    Rohit Langde - April 17, 2010

    It looks you have personal experience with most of them and I agree but not completely. Enhance my se7en facilitates managing most of the important things from single window. Personally, I too liked Standalone but as I create group of icons under common grid on desktop. Well, Choice differs from person to person as you keep just recycle bin.

    I completely disagree that Teracopy Features are in built in Windows 7. It’s speed and other features like Pausing and control over transfer is unmatched. Finally, VLC will be evergreen program no matter Windows 8 comes to launch.

bruno - September 13, 2010

hey guys, I just read your comments upon the apps menitoned above and I think I will give it a try to the Enhance My se7en. However, I’d like to ask your opinions about what you think are the main advantages of the VLC over the current Windows Media PLayer 12 ?

I particually don’t like ( and never did ) the windows media player. I find it too heavy.

My laptop isn’t brand new, but it has 1.8 GHz core 2 duo, and 4 GB of RAM. It is still working for all my needs, but it’s always good to have it enhanced, right ?

I’m using win 7 – 32 bits. I was using the 64 bits version of it, but it was giving me headaches to find native app running on 64 bits platform and it seems they still don’t have firefox running natively on 64 bits. I use firefox a lot for plenty of things, then I decided on having the 32 bits instead. At least for a while, I will certainly return to the 64 bit in a near future.

Sorry if you have problems understanding my English, but I’m brasilian and speak Portuguese as first language.


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