Windows 7 Media Center Themes Download

Although the Windows Media Center has a very nice / attractive, not by default but we are given the option to customize, so it is very likely that there are users who are tired of seeing the same interface as always blue each time using WMC.

In Theme7MC, there is a gallery with items for all tastes. Basically divided into 2 types, first which are installed directly and those that are installed by a patch. The installation of the first is not much difficult, only to run the installer in administrator mode, then activate the theme by double-clicking a shortcut that will appear on the desktop, and restart the Media Center. To remove the item, go to Start Menu, look for the uninstaller and it started in Administrator mode.
windows 7 media center theme
In contrast, Themes using a patch can not be installed so easily. It is necessary to make some changes. First, open Windows Explorer, navigate to C: \ Windows \ ehome \ and find the file We should copy it and place it in safe location. We do this because if something goes wrong, or if you simply want to return to the theme of “traditional” Windows Media Center, the original version of this file is the way to restore it to its original condition.

To install a theme that comes with a patch file you must first make sure you have ownership of the ehres.dll file located in “C:\Windows\ehome\” (This location may vary depending on the location of your Windows installation). To do this first download and execute the own.reg file located here. Then open Windows Explorer and navigate to “C:\Windows\ehome\”. Find the “ehres.dll” file, right-click and select “Take Ownership”. If you do not see “Take Ownership” listed you haven’t installed the own.reg file correctly. [via]

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