More than 470 Tweaks to Improve Security and Optimize Windows Features

Setting up your system in order to achieve high degree of safety and performance is main goal of any user. We have already covered some Customization and Windows System Tweaks, here is another all in one System Security Tweaker.

In case of Windows, General Home users may find it difficult to wander far and wide for the control panel just in an attempt to set the right parameters of safety.

So, taking such case into consideration, here is all in one universal True System Security Tweaker for Windows.

It is indeed a freeware and portable program providing its users with a handy user interface, as it is also possible to see the image with a look of example, offers much more than 470 different tweaks whereby increasing the actual degree of safety of the system, as well as providing a number of settings used to optimize the multimedia station.

Settings are categorized in some 20 types which contains tweaks accordingly which can be activated by just clicking on check-box. After doing that, Go to File menu and click Save to apply tweaks. Moreover, each setting when clicked offers description about it.

Windows 7 Security Tweaker

For example, using True System Security Tweaker, each user can choose to define the level of access to specific functions of the OS,  Hide HDD Partition / Start menu items and dialog boxes and much more.

Windows 7 Security Tweaker

In order to avoid any troublesome situation created by another user, you can set administrative password which then would be necessary to apply tweaks.

Not to forget, you can undo all tweaks in just one click or uncheck those boxes if you prefer to undo specific tweaks.

Download True System Security Tweaker

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shyam jos - February 20, 2011

disable desktop gadgets in windows 7 to improve the start up speed


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