Windows 8 Apps To Listen Songs Online: Hindi, English and Regional Music

Listening songs online is quite a rage now and Music services are offering Hindi, English, Indian regional and much more. Windows 8 app store too has some applications for this and this article lists them. At the moment, Gaana and Hungama apps are on Windows 8 for streaming music online.

Good thing about listening music online is you don’t have to worry about storage space on disk. Also, it is completely legal which is better than downloading and promoting music piracy.


Dhingana is my first choice for Hindi and Marathi songs. It is a largest database for all Indian regional music including Bangla, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Kashmiri and almost every kind.

Interface: It is straightforward and easy to use. Apart from Featured albums and Top songs of the week, you get to see Playlists made by users.

dhingana windows 8 app

Download Dhingana App


Gaana is already a popular music service online to listen Hindi, English, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil and other Indian regional songs.

Listening Hindi English Songs Windows 8 app

Interface – Gaana Windows 8 app has a Zune like interface with similar color combination. Popular Tracks and Featured albums are shown as soon as the app opens.

Along with this, you get to choose from Mirchi Top 20, US Top 20 and User Playlists too as on web interface.

Search – Searching is possible by artist, album or track title; even you can browse genres with built in tile. They have really huge database and searching is quite fast.

Playback – I am really enjoying lag free playback in good quality streaming. Never faced buffering issues on 2MBPS Broadband connection.

  • Starts playing song as soon as clicked.
  • Song database is huge atleast in Hindi but may disappoint in regional albums.
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  • Unable to add songs in Playlist
  • Doesn’t ask whether to add a track in playlist or play now. Simply starts playing the clicked one stopping the current playing songs.
  • Scroll button doesn’t work so, you have to click on scroll bar to navigate.

Download Gaana

Hungama My Play

They tried to introduce new way of searching and discovering song you want to listen. App welcomes you with Disc which finds music according to your mood. You can filter these results out choosing from categories and Year of album.

Listening Hindi English Music Windows 8 app

  • Songs are added to playlist instead of auto playing.
  • Featured Playlists according to trend.
  • Discover thing is cool but it often leads to crash.
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  • Playback takes time. (Long Buffering)
  • Lags in Playback.
  • Crashes often especially while discovering music.

Download Hungama

Closing Words

It is really too early to review these apps because they are still in development but I hope this post will let developers know about user problems.

As of now, only these two reliable online music listening app for Windows 8 are available. It will good to see how the development goes when players like Saavn and Dhingana too enters Windows 8 App store.

If you still prefer to download music online then you can try Pirate app or MusicFrost.

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Avi - August 11, 2012

Nice find Rohit!

Sumal - January 12, 2013

Please check out ” India Central” Windows 8 app, its Amazing.


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