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We have already covered Free Comic Viewer Apps for Android and 6 best Comic Viewer software for Windows Pc. Now, if you are using Windows 8, added benefit is when you are using a Metro App for the same task you would have done in a general app. Specially the Comic reader adds extended appeal with the Metro interface.

Comics is a small app with which you can download free comics, know about the latest releases and buy the ones you like. Once you create an account you can access your comics from anywhere easily. The interface is remarkable and you have no trouble finding your comics.

 Comics Home screen

comics Homescreen windows 8 app

As I mentioned, things are very organized. The quick links allows you to get instant access to a variety of comics rated by popularity and many more. Visit collections if you want to get full series. Right click on free space to bring up additional options to view featured, popular, series, publishers, DC comics etc. Hence in no time you will be reaching your favorite comics or super heroes.

 Series View

popular dc comics collection

When you are viewing a series, you can see the pricing of each volume. Apart from buying them separately, you can buy comics by adding them to your buying cart. You can get detailed information on comics just by clicking on the displayed thumbs.

 Comic Details & Preview

comics details windows 8 app

Comic details include information like Publisher, Pages, Rating, Issue description and preview. You can have a 3 page preview of any paid comic before you buy it.

DC comics Windows 8 metro app

Don’t confuse the preview with actual reading mode. The preview just allows you to see few pages of the actual comics. There are no functionality present in the preview pages. If you are not ready to buy any comics, there are many free goodies that you can enjoy.

Free Comics Collection

free comics windows 8 app

From the Quick links go to Free Comics section which has loads of free items that you can add to cart. These are Well categorized Free comics with popular recommendations. You can choose from single comics to Free series depending on your choice. The main benefit lies only when you are buying comics. This is only because none of the most popular ongoing Comics Series are distributed freely.

Downloading Free Comics

download free comics app windows 8

The downloading process is bit tricky. There is no direct download even for free comics. All you need to do is add the comics to your cart but there is still no download button. Only option you get there is to purchase them with 0$. So I decided to go through this process. For this I created a VCC ( Virtual Credit Card) worth Rs 60 and proceeded. The transaction was completed within few seconds and the comics appeared in My Comics section.

[alert-success] It is a good Practice to use Virtual Credit Card rather than your Real Credit Card Details. [/alert-success]

Now all you need to do is download the comics. Once downloaded, you can directly read the comics within the app. Just click on the Comics thumbnail.

Reading & Comfort

Initially I was wondering, why this app does not have zoom in functionality. It was not too late until I realized that I was wrong. Obviously there is no straight forward Zoom in button but you can easily zoom to pages with double click.

windows 8 comics reader

This app is also available for Windows RT hence the zoom in and page change features are optimized for touch interface. The good thing is that you can also perform these actions with your mouse. In normal mode you can click and drag the screen sidewise to change the page.

windows 8 comic book reader

To zoom on any particular section, double click on it. Then click and drag mouse up and down according to your needs. Just imagine that you are reading it on a touch device. Double click again to exit zoom mode.

In overall Windows 8 comics app is excellent. Readability and image quality are really appreciable. If you love reading comics and are always after new releases then this is a must have app for your Windows 8 PC or Windows 8 RT.

Download: Windows 8 Comics App

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