This is How Windows 8 Explorer will Look with Ribbon Menu Interface

Many had speculations about how will new Windows 8 Explorer look and there were news about unveiling Ribbon Menu Interface. To break the ice, Microsoft itself revealed and confirmed the Windows 8 Explorer and yes, it has famous Ribbon interface. Windows 8 Homescreen already created buzz and now let’s have look at Explorer.

Ribbon displays the most important commands in prominent locations while also exposing loads of other minor tools, organizes commands conveniently in handy groups and it follows the design line opened by Office and Microsoft Paint, making it easier for people to get used to the new interface.

Windows 8 Explorer New

Windows 8 Explorer with Ribbon Menu

This was finalized by Microsoft after researching and here is an outcome of their research.

Percentages of use of each of the main functions of Windows Explorer

Another interesting finding was that, we use the contextual menu for almost everything ignoring the main Explorer interface. That is why the development team wanted Windows 8 shake up the Explorer bar and add ribbon which despite of the controversy, has been very successful in Office.

Advantages of Ribbon Interface

  1. More visibility for the most important commands
  2. Tabs and icons help you find the commands before
  3. Shows little known functions
  4. Keyboard shortcuts for all functions
  5. Customizable Quick Access Toolbar

So, let’s have look at each feature of Windows 8 Explorer

Home Tab

The main tab of the new Windows Explorer 8 is Home, which contains the commands used by users. Interestingly, the appearance of useful commands such as Copy path (Copy Path) and the return of “Up” button (the blue arrow next to the directory).

Sharing tab

Many of the operations we do with the files are intended to share with others. The Sharing tab has buttons to send files by mail, compress them into a Zip file, print, fax or send them to other local network users.

View Tab

View Options is, where there are buttons for changing the position and visibility of the sidebar, the view type and order of the files. The newest are the boxes to show and hide files and extensions , which should be carried out before opening multiple windows.

File Menu

The File menu has also changed. There are shortcuts to open a new window, open the command line in the path of the open folder, clear the history and customize the browser.

Contextual Tabs

Like Office, there are tabs that only appear in certain situations . For example, do a search, the relevant tab appears, with options that allow you to filter and refine results:

Mounting ISO images and improved file operations

Windows 8 can mount ISO without problems, but can not create them.

The ribbon menu is not the only new thing in Windows Explorer 8: The development team has been working hard also in less visible areas. One of the most remarkable is that, finally, Windows 8 can mount ISO images without needing extra software.

With regard to copying, deleting and renaming files, Windows Explorer 8 has added along awaited feature: Grouping operation and Pause Button.

Windows 8 Copy Progress Bar - One for all operations

The file conflict was another critical section to improve. Microsoft developers have thoroughly studied the issue and passed the box three options for Windows 7 a that shows the old files and a newer side and another, to choose more criteria.

Filename Conflict during Copying

In short, Microsoft is listening to users , a tactic that proved a major success with Windows 7 – and adding features that will make unnecessary the use of certain non-official accessories. Of course, many of these firsts came a little late.

If you want to see the new Windows 8 Explorer in action check out the video MP4 file both in high and low quality.

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Sudeep Acharya - September 2, 2011

seems like cool features gonna come..

    Rohit Langde - September 3, 2011

    Even if they don’t come up with any innovative feature and offer me such cool UI and astonishing Homescreen; I am ready to accept Windows 8 😉

Bharath Mandava - September 2, 2011

Great features…eagerly waiting to try Windows7…

    Gourav - September 2, 2011

    Windows 8, you mean, right?

      Rohit Langde - September 3, 2011

      Hehhe yeah, Even I didn’t notice it before approving.

abhi_12ka4 - September 2, 2011

nice bro

Sameer - September 3, 2011

m’ waiting win8…

Walid - September 3, 2011

This Windows will need a powerful computer and it may be 128 bit
so it will be the first OS run on 128 bit ever ,
i dont feel that it will be that great windows don’t know why but what im sure about alot of problems and error so the best is to wait for Windows 8 SP1

sadgamer - September 9, 2011

Hi,can you give me a link to download windows 8 beta ?????

    Rohit Langde - September 11, 2011

    Sorry, you have to search that on your own.


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