Get Windows 8 Explorer with Ribbon Interface and Toolbar in Windows 7

In the last article we covered how to get Windows 8 Visual Elements on Windows 7. Today we’ll be moving towards an aspect that isn’t just visual but quite handy for amateur users. I think all of you must have heard about the amazing Windows 8 Explorer toolbars (Also known as the infamous Ribbon Explorer)

Windows 8 Explorer and Toolbar has been designed considering productive user experience which gives you the ability to copy or move to with just a click to the icons in the toolbar, not only that you can even open folders or drives in tabs, can view properties of file or folders, paste, rename, clone tab, and close tab.

You can all the above mentioned features in Windows through BExplorer (Better Explorer) file browser. Please note that this software doesn’t change your actual Windows Explorer, you have to open BExplorer separately to open the Windows Explorer having the above mentioned features.

BExplorer has two sections namely Home and View. The Home tab consists of verbose copy, cut, paste, close tab, rename, and rename tab options.


On the other hand View tab provides you with the option to sort items by date, size, time, format, etc. it gives the option to view files and folders in large, medium, details, small icons, and in more viewing options.  


Another good feature of BExplorer is the ability to open new tabs for different folders or drives, just likeyou open different webpages in different tabs in your web-browser. So you don’t have to open different Explorer Windows while working on two different folders or drives.


Unlike the actual Ribbon Explorer (Though you can do it with it manually from the control panel) BExplorer gives you the option to minimize it by pressing “Ctrl+F1” or by pressing the arrow at the right top of the Explorer Window.


Note: Currently BExplorer is still in its alpha phase, so as the developing team says there are lots and lots of features that will be added in its next release.

Download BExplorer

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Itender rawat - November 2, 2011

Nice article bro…………Liked

Free Azure Cloud Projects Download - November 10, 2011

What about the security of the system? Does it rely on extra cookies or it inherits that from Windows 7 Security credentials? Also I wanted to know if this feature is available with Windows 7 Basic/Home or only with professional Version?


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