Windows 8 Interface First Look: Comprises of Live Tiles and it’s Awesome

When Windows 8 builds were leaked, I thought it will be just minor tweaking with the UI of Windows 7 but I was wrong. Microsoft surprised everyone by uncovering the Next Generation Windows 8 user interface which is really interesting and has resemblance with Windows Phone 7 Mosaic Tiles.

All applications and programs uses Live Tiles instead of icons on Start screen which lets them say something more and give more information. For example, a weather application will show Temperature on tile and on clicking it give further detailed information.

Windows 8 Start Menu

Windows 8 is Touch Device ready OS and the applications defined are of two types. One is Classic Windows which we saw in previous versions and Second made using HTML5 and Javascript.

Externally, they resemble a mobile software and work in full screen mode. For example, a built-in operating system web browser Internet Explorer 10 is initially configured to operate in this mode. In addition, were shown several widgets with a similar design.

One of the most interesting things about the UI of Windows 8 is the way can use two applications simultaneously. Because it is based on Windows 7, it is obvious it has multitasking. What is surprising is that the touch interface allows Windows 8 two applications to share screen at the same time, with just drag an application to the edge of the screen and leave a couple of seconds there, it automatically takes a “side panel” (something like Windows Aero Snap 7, but designed for tablets).

Windows 8 Multitasking

Furthermore, the transition between applications is well achieved. By simply moving your finger from one side to the center of the screen pass from one application to another. I will not say it is an excellent implementation Because Microsoft has not shown whether there is a provision to see once all open applications, Which is essential if we are talking about tablets or PCs, which should be extremely inconvenient to have to go through all the applications to reach one in particular (which is now with the sort of “carousel” that offers to change Windows 8 app).

WIndows 8 Homescreen

Undoubtedly, Windows 8 is a complete breakthrough with the new application framework based on Web tools such as Silverlight, HTML5 and other equally modern and XAML.

The apps created for Windows 8 using these tools are simply stunning, catch the eye, and seem to offer a user experience first class. The good news is that, apparently, this step will without losing backward compatibility because in demos, we saw that it was able to run applications built for previous versions.

Here are the aspects of Windows 8 summarized below:

  • Quick launch apps from the tiles on the home screen, which replaces the “Start” menu. As in Windows Phone 7.
  • Dynamic tiles with notices, which always show relevant information from the application.
  • Convenient, intuitive switching between applications.
  • Improved Snap for easy snap windows to screen edges and change their size.
  • Web applications on HTML5 and JavaScript, with access to system functions.
  • Optimized for touch screens IE10.

Looking at the Interface, I feel that Windows 8 is built taking into consideration of Tablets (Touchscreen or non Touchscreen) but developer says that it will work perfectly even with Mouse and Keyboard.

Also, Windows Head stressed that Windows 8 is not a final name and didn’t announce any specific date for the release of Windows 8 but it is expected to be next year.

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Dheeraj - June 8, 2011

It is a great confusion. Windows 8 OS is for PC or Microsoft’s upcoming Tablet.

Ajaypratap Sidhu - July 25, 2011

Amazing post,thanks for sharing!

mlm rankings - July 28, 2011

face detection log in to your pc could be possible in windows 8.

Daniel Jacobs - March 4, 2012

Its great to have a OS like this, thanks to Microsoft,

Neel Jackson - March 4, 2012

Have you checked the Windows 8 themes, those are awesome.

Clement - March 4, 2012

Tablets will be more user user friendly in windows 8


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