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Reading comics and Manga is a favorite time pass for many people. Earlier we have covered 6 Best Digital Comic Book Readers Software, Best Comic Viewer Apps for Android and Download And Read Favorite Anime Manga From Desktop.  Among all the manga readers available the best one is Dom Dom Soft. But that was the case before Windows 8. With Windows 8 UI the fun of reading a comics or manga is extended.


So lets take a look at the Manga Readers available for Windows 8:

1. Manga Flow

windows 8 comics/manga apps

Manga Flow is an easy to use app. The home screen Shows you the last page you have read, previous manga viewed and popular manga. You can select the manga you want to read which takes you to the manga page. Now download the chapter which you want to read. To download any chapter go to navigation tab and select Download Mode. Click on the download button that appears beside the chapters. You can also search manga category wise. Manga Flow uses Manga Fox, Manga Panda, Manga Reader and Manga Here as it’s sources to update Manga database. You can select any one of them according to your choice.

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Windows 8 manga/comic reader app

The free version of Manga Flow has only one limitation. You cannot download manga chapters in bulk, all you need to do is download one chapter at a time. The free version shows ads, which really doesn’t matter if you are using it for free and it is not hampering your reading experience.

Download: Manga Flow

App Rating: 4/5

2. Manga Z

manga/comic apps windows 8

Manga Z is a simple manga reader and downloader app. The home screen has no categories or classifications. By default you can either view Top 500 or Latest Hot manga list. To read your favorite manga, make a search and select the manga. Once the manga is selected, you will see the list of chapters available with release date. To read the chapter just click on it. If you want to download the chapter, click on the settings icon above the anime list and the download option will be available beside each chapter.

The paid version allows you to download the entire manga series. It is useful only when you are serious about making a complete collection of manga series. Manga Z is efficient but in windows 8, I am looking for good UI else there is no meaning to a modern/metro app.

Download: Manga Z

App Rating: 3/5

3. Manga Gate

manga/comics reader windows 8

Manga Gate is a basic app that allows you to read latest manga releases. The reason for calling it a basic app is that it does not provide the option to download manga chapters. There were no settings to be configured either. The only thing that you can do is mark your manga as favorite. There is no inbuilt search function within the app but you can search using the Windows 8 search from charms bar. Use this app only if you prefer reading the manga on spot rather than downloading it.

Download: Manga Gate

App Rating: 2.5/5

4. Ultimate Manga Reader

Windows 8 manga/comics reader app

Ultimate Manga reader is a simple yet elegant Windows 8 app to read manga.  You do not have any advance features like downloading but the overall interface is good. You can search for manga using Windows 8 charms bar search. What I personally liked about the reader is the presentation of pages while reading a manga. Pages are present side by side, text visibility is good and you do not have to zoom in/ zoom out to have clear view. All you need to do is keep scrolling to side.

Download: Ultimate Manga reader

App Rating: 3.5/5

5. Manga Tree

windows 8 manga/comics reader app

Manga Tree resembles with Manga Flow. The interface is quiet similar including most of the functionality. You can pin the manga you are reading for direct access from start screen. You can continue reading any manga from the last left page, hence reducing a lot of scrolls. Searching for manga is easy and there are a lot of categories to find new and interesting manga. The best thing about Manga Tree is that you can download manga chapters too. There is no paid version and this reader is entirely ad free.

Download: Manga Tree

App rating: 4.5/5

6. Manga+

manga/comics reader apps windows 8

Want to know more about your favorite anime character? Manga+ is here to fulfill all your informational needs about any anime character, teams character is involved  with. strengths, friends, enemies and a detailed biography about the character. You can even view the same level of details about characters present in friend and enemy list.

Windows 8 manga/comic reader app

This is not a online manga reader, though you can download manga files or .CBZ comics files and add them to its library. I have included this app in this list as this is also a must have app for anime lovers. Now you do not have to wonder around Google to know more about your favorite anime character.

windows 8 manga/comics reader apps

Manga+ has no search function, so to find any character you have to search it manually. This can be a bit inconvenient to many people, still the interface is good and you get all the details you will ever need. Hence this is a must have app for all Windows 8 Anime lovers.

Download: Manga+

App Rating: 4.5/5

Did I miss your favorite manga reader/downloader for Windows 8? Let me know in comments and it will be added to the list straight away.

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