Windows 8 Metro IM Theme: Complete Metro UI Makeover for Windows 7

There are many Windows 8 Themes and Themepacks circulating over web out of which mostly consist of just some wallpapers. Here, I am sharing Windows Metro IM Theme for Windows 7 which will try to imitate Windows 8 User Interface as shown officially.

Download Windows 8 Metro IM Theme

Windows 8 has Tile interface and developer jaycee13 has tries to offer similar visual style in this theme. It supports Windows 7 x86 (32 Bit only) at the moment and you can download it from windows_metro_im_by_jaycee13-d3id3o5.rar

Windows 8 Start Menu

Patch Windows 7 System Files

RAR package has UxTheme Patch. In case, your system isn’t patched, follow the steps here to patch system files to allow 3rd party theme installation.

Go to C:\Windows\System32\ and take ownership of shell32.dll. Backup the original shell32.dll and Replace it with the oneprovided with this theme – Windows Metro IM\Packages\System Files\Shell32 (for x86 SP1 and Pre SP2)

How to Install Windows 8 Theme

Theme comes with Windows Theme installer from where you have browse Theme file “Windows Metro.theme”, ExplorerFrame.dll and Shell32.dll from the folder \Packages\System Files

Windows 8 Theme Installer

That’s all, Click on Install theme to activate. Now, you will start seeing Windows 8 like Start Menu.

Change Windows 8 Start Orb

Change the Start Orb using Start Orb Changer provided in “Packages” folder. Run the Windows 7 Start Button Changer v 2.6 (for SP1 and old W7 version without update).exe as Administrator and browse the BMP provided with the theme.

Windows 8 Start Orb Changer

Install additional Fonts

There are several fonts namely segoeuisl.ttf, ZegoeCapsBold_0.ttf, ZegoeLight-U_0.ttf, ZegoeUISemiBold-U_0.ttf, ZegoeUI-U_0.ttf and ZegoeUI-UBold_0.ttf. To install the fonts, right click and Install.

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Sarfaraz Khan - June 17, 2011

Thnxx buddy

Ajaypratap Sidhu - July 25, 2011

Great post,must say thanks for sharing!

Reply - July 25, 2011

Thanks for the usefull post 🙂 but it doesn’t look sexy as windows 7 theme . I guess windows needs to improve it’s GUI a lot to compete with Apple in Interface end.


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