Windows 8 New Price List Updated

Since the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft offered it at Discounted rate which will be valid till 31st January. But after that, from February, it will become more costly. Windows 8 Pro will be almost available for 200$. Here is a new price list of Windows 8 for various Editions.

As a promotional offer, Windows 7 users can upgrade to Windows 8 PRO only for 39.99$ but from February 2013, it will be hiked to 199.99$. For Windows 8 (the basic edition) however will cost 119.99$.

According to the official blog announcement, Increase in price is almost 5 times the current promo price. Here are the new pricing details of Windows 8:

windows-8 price list

  • Windows 8 PRO upgrade edition: $199.99
    For Windows 7, Vista and XP users who want to upgrade to Windows 8 PRO.
  • Windows 8 upgrade edition: $119.99
    For Windows 7, Vista and XP users who want Windows 8 basic Edition.
  • Windows 8 Pro Pack: $99.99
    This is for the users who have Windows 8 Basic Edition.
  • Windows 8 Media Center Pack: $9.99
    It is an upgrade addon for those who already have Windows 8 PRO.

I guess Microsoft is very confident about their sales after selling around 6 million copies of Windows 8 already. Here, the comparison with Apple is evident. I agree that Microsoft gives completely new Operating System while the upgrades of Mac OS X are just like Service packs. Still, I feel that 200$ for upgrading is too much!

Some users see Windows 8 as a terrible disappointment and even reports say that Windows 8 isn’t performing as well as it was expected. Still, Microsoft has taken decision to hike prices. Now, that’s again confusing me.

Well, I have already upgraded to Windows 8 for free. What do you guys think about change in pricing? Will you prefer upgrading from Windows 7 or stick with it?

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rakesh - January 21, 2013

Purchasing a fresh copy of Windows 8 is good, although its cost high but reliable. As I think. Thanks Rohit to notify us.


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