Windows 8 is Terribly Confusing And Disappointing, Not For Desktops

Being a tech enthusiast, I crave for new products and blindly use them even if they are in alpha, beta or whatever stage. Windows 8 is no exception which I am using since Customer preview. I always hoped for improvements during development stages and now Final build is out. 

Call this article a review but actually, it is a real incident where I was trying to convince about new features in Windows 8 and how I was left puzzled with full of questions.

Windows 8 BSOD Fail

A friend of mine who may not be a tech-freak but a Windows user with sound knowledge and a computing experience of 4 years visited my place. So, I just thought of giving him a demo of newly installed Windows 8.

When I booted the Windows 8, he liked the boot screen and even the way I used Live ID to log in. The way the Metro screen appeared amazed him. But his joy was short lived. Friend was completely confused with the homescreen and was unable to decide where to start. This will happen with most of the Windows users who are used to click on START button which is missing in Windows 8.

At this point, I would like to point out the example given by David Gewirtz of ZDNet about Windows 8.

Let’s say that you are used to drive a car with Steering in front and Accelerator, Brake and Clutch as Foot pedal. These are all standard equipments placed at their standard positions inside car. And Suddenly, Car manufacturer decides to bring a new model with the riding elements of motorbike into car. Will you be comfortable with accelerator and clutch in hand?

Same is the case with Windows 8. On homescreen, you will have no understanding, no clue on where to go or how to start. Unless you luckily move cursor to bottom right, you won’t be able to figure out Charms bar.

Friend continued asking me “What’s new?” and and I began point by point. Here is a list of new features and his reaction about them. I have changed the way of actual conversation for easy understanding.

Metro Homescreen

This is the first visual and visible change when you start Windows 8. For desktop user, it is hardly of any use because browsing apps through those big tiles isn’t practical. Personally, Even I noticed that I instantly click on ‘Desktop’ tile on bottom left and skip this screen.

Live Tiles

Live tiles give realtime notifications about social network updates, news, etc.

They are good to show-off but what is their share in productivity? Do you really need to get always pinged by your Friends from Facebook? Will you really keep track of Weather, News and Stock market by always pausing your work and visiting home screen?

Metro Apps

These are completely different from the software application which you were using till now. Always Open in full screen. Developed in completely different programming language.

But They even changed the way we used to open and close apps. You can read more about it here. Their working may be good for Tablets but for Desktop environment, it’s not so useful.

Moreover, enterprise software and development tools won’t be ever programmed in Metro interface.

Windows 8 App Store

Exclusive way to find, download and install Metro apps on Windows 8 device. Like App store for iPhone and Play store for Android, this is Windows 8 app store.

This could make things easy for handful but people are now accustomed to find software on web. Though it is possible to install Metro apps outside App store but not all software solutions will be available there.

Touchscreen compatibility

Out of all Windows computer users worldwide, 99.99995% of then won’t be using Touchscreen device for desktop computing.

A noticeable improvements in Windows 8 could be Fast boot but that too has its own disadvantages.

Now, this really made me think Why Microsoft build this Crap?

Microsoft wanted to enter the Tablet market and build an ecosystem like Apple already have. So, they just skinned Windows 7 (which is really an awesome OS) with Metro interface.

Microsoft really expects us to change the way we used Windows for years? They should have built different system for Tablets instead of making changes to Desktop operating systems.

Definitely a Windows downgrade for loyalists and home users. Owing to these reasons, BusinessInsider speculates that Businesses may never switch to Windows 8.

In short, general user looks in no mood to change the way he used to interact with computer and would prefer sticking to Windows 7. Friend’s last words were- “People like you may get used to it easily but Windows 8 is terrible and confusing for a common user. It will take him months to learn these completely new things.”

What do you think about Windows 8? Are you satisfied with the new features introduced?

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Prateek Jain - November 8, 2012

I completely agree with you. Windows has got it wrong. I remember how i had to google to shut down Win8.

    Rohit Langde - November 8, 2012

    Yeah, Power button is located under Settings 😛

      Alex - November 9, 2012

      power button is located in your device, like all other devices…
      (I googled too but while waiting for the answer it came up as easily, just switch it off!)

Sushil - November 8, 2012

The only reason I buy window 8 , 699 rs. only…thats it..

    Mayank - November 9, 2012

    But that’s still a waste if you’re not gonna use Win 8.

    Also Microsoft is not totally prepared to face Windows 8 users as of now….. 🙁

Ajay - November 9, 2012

Isn’t it the story of finding a new interface and learning how to use it? I remember a similar story when the new Office 2010 came out.
But, it’s definitely better than 2003.

With Windows 8, MS tried to reinvent a lot of stuff. It’s confusing at first, but after a while you get the hang of it.

I believe they still need to fix some of the quirks in the system, especially in terms of scrolling of tiles etc, but you never need to scroll since you can just start typing after hitting the Windows key and it finds what you want.

    Rohit Langde - November 9, 2012

    I am somewhat agreed with you. Change is always resisted and often followed by chaos.
    Don’t know whether MS reinvented the whole thing but one thing is for sure that the way we used to interact with Windows has changed drastically.
    It will take time to get used to it for a normal (not-so-tech-savvy) user.

      Ajay - November 9, 2012

      Actually, the only major interface change that they have really done is the Start Screen.

      The rest of it is still Windows 7. But, I agree, they should have tried to make it more of Windows 7 with the interface so people transition better

Maulik - November 9, 2012

I agree that 8 is completely different from 7, but it is awesome without any doubt. The fact is because it is visually changed a lot than windows 7 normal users find it little bit confusing, but I bet you that once they will be used to it they will not look at 7 again.

    Rohit Langde - November 9, 2012

    Yes Maulik,
    Initially, even I was confused with whole Metro thing. No doubt, the appearance is soothing but to get used to it, it will take time to learn and some users like friend of mine are quite resistive.
    Problem is people don’t want to change and learn new way. Adopting new thing will certainly take time.

MANSOOR AHMED - November 9, 2012

This OS is only suitable for Tablets. Microsoft has not done their homework before implementing changes.

    Rohit Langde - November 9, 2012

    Mansoor, it’s quite difficult to guess what exactly Microsoft had in their minds apart from creating an ecosystem offering similar computing experience on all Windows devices.

Kang-lian - November 9, 2012

Windows 8 got me down? I did downgrade back it to Windows 7 after 2 weeks of struggling…

    Rohit Langde - November 9, 2012

    Sad to hear that Kang-lian.
    I understand, You literally have to struggle to find even the basic things in initial days on Windows 8.
    I would never recommend changing your primary OS to anything new which you want to test. Always install it in Dual Boot or virtually so that you get the tidbits before actually deploying in working environment.

Archer - November 9, 2012

Whats even worse is some apps dont work until you make and log in to a MS account .Oh goody something else I dont want just to get the OS to work.
Oh and just in case you forget or select not to, you`ll still get nagged every few days to make one.

Amit Shreyas - November 9, 2012

Now, this is the time of linux… Use “Ubuntu 12.10”.

    Rohit Langde - November 9, 2012

    Amit, Are you pointing towards the new Ubuntu Ad criticizing Windows 8 😛
    Ubuntu Ad

    Ajitem Sahasrabuddhe - November 10, 2012

    There would be nothing more painful than shifting to Linux. Most of the softwares would not run properly. You’d say WINE but there’s only little to that. Besides, you will end up having problems concerning drivers of old or proprietary hardware.

      Praba - November 18, 2012

      You Right Dude Even Directx 8,9,10,11 may be more than 500mb,and all direct link library files more than 1gb what the wine will do with just 50mb what the hell we will do with wine …Linux Is The Best I Know Because All kernal copied the linux kernal to develop os as per developer and server linux
      is good but for the normal people if you think practically no way of using linux ……Windows is only one os with platform based ……….apple won’t cross it…….follow the Top ten rule and talk about Windows 8

Ajitem Sahasrabuddhe - November 9, 2012

I honestly don’t know or understand what all this fuzz is about. I too have been using Windows 8 from its early development stages till date.

I did not manage to get lost or get confused. If you watch the installation instructions you already know how to access the charms menu. Most of the shortcuts and utilities are at the same exact place as in Windows 7.

The only major difference that I noticed was the removal of start button and addition of ribbon in explorer.

I think everyone should grow up and try to understand and learn the new features of the OS. If only you spent the time criticizing the new interface reading help articles, you would have been enjoying the new wonderful OS i.e. Windows 8

    Costiputza - November 10, 2012

    Ajitem Sahasrabuddhe I have a question for you, the OS’s are made for the joy of the programmers or for a normal use of a computer components? Do you think that I need the graphic of an OS, or I want to see every few years something really new in presentation, or I must use the new OS because software is changing so quik and I still need a way to make them work together? First they changed the OS’s for every new version, is absurd, because you know I have something else to learn every time, now we add the operating system itself, for what reason? From 95 to 98, from 98 to XP, from XP to Windows 7 and now this aberation of so called Windows 8. Every time they change some thinks nobody asked for, every time they clame the system will be better… for who? Now we use some operating system that requires some calculating power, more that the ancient games or video editing, it’s not normal. The OS is just for use of a computer, not for entertaining itself, for that I have games, movies, music, photos, etc (for example Windows 7 need a memory of minimum 1 gb, I was drawing in Corel Draw with 256 Mb RAM). In a second way why me must change ourselves, is a question os survival, is a must that we don’t know about? We change if is problem of life, of compatibility with others not for a fucking operating system, just for the pleasure of some abnormal programmers. If you like the OS windows 8 just play with it, nobody cares, but don’t give them the pleasure of confusing us with no reason. Perhaps we must awake from that stupid way they shows us, is not what we want or need, is their impression of what we need as in comercials, we really don’t need all their stuff, especialy when they want our money all the time.

Art Folden - November 10, 2012

Win8 IS different, but there is MORE that is the same than what is different. And what is different IS a huge improvement over ALL past operating systems. Those that think it is confusing, have just NOT tried very hard to learn something a little new & different – in other words too lazy and/or too biased to do so in many cases.. 🙂

Paul - November 10, 2012

I loved win8. Faster than win7, with lots of extra features. It might be a little confusing in the beginning, But it gets a lot easier after a week of use. I used the beta version for a long time, only problem was i couldn’t get some games to work. Now i don’t use the start button in win7 nor the power button. To shut down just use the main power button on the cabinet, or press alt+f4.
The metro UI is really a waste of resource no one is going to use it, except for the desktop and control panel widget.

Ajitem Sahasrabuddhe - November 10, 2012

Another thing which I realized going through your article and the one you quoted at ZDNet, the one illustrating an automobile example; the comparison is NONSENSE.

The case is not that automobile controls have been replaced with motorcycle controls but the manual transmission is replaced with the automatic transmission and the analog dashboard has been replaced with an touch screen digital one. This naturally creates confusion in the basic tasks of controlling the AC, radio etc. Even the auto transmission is a little tough to get used to. But once you get it, there is no turning back.

I have been reading a lot of hate regarding Windows 8 which leaves me terribly confused and disappointed that how can some of the most adventurous people in this world when it comes to technology can give up on something so easily! The start button was introduced way back in 1995. Its high time that someone changed that. The new start screen looks better and is far more intuitive. It feeds us with relevant information just by a glance which so far no OS is capable of doing. Moreover, one can just type and open the desired software they want.

And honestly guys, please tell me how many of you opened your programs this way

start > all programs > name of software > executable ?

don’t almost all of us exclusively use desktop shortcuts of taskbar pins (windows 7). I think that you must first get rid of the unnecessary hate and ridicule off of your minds and then once try using the new OS from MS. You’d find it powerful and at the same time easy. It has its own uses. Now after being an Windows 8 user from August 12, I certainly feel weird and out of place typing this from an old but good XP desktop.

Chrisanthos Nonis - November 10, 2012

First weak when I installed Windows 8 RP I was hate what Microsoft did. But I gave time to my self to learn the new interface. Now I’m working faster than ever now, I can’t use any more any older version of Windows that fast, and I very enjoy the new interface. Even people tell me how fast is my computer and how fast I work with it.
For me the modern UI is just amazing, is the best possible GUI , I can’t think anything smarter than this and more useful. I think the problem with Windows 8 is that they need users who want to learn the new GUI.
Remember your first time you used Windows XP, I remember my self angry with Microsoft, later on all we loved Windows XP. Is something very new Windows 8 modern UI, give your self some time and you are going to enjoy it later.

Mr Super Wax - November 13, 2012

Microsoft have got it all wrong, there is no more concern for user functions for a cheap emulation of leaders on the market. Really disappointing, I hope their next version will be better but to be honest since XP, I just feel they’ve been going downhill.

Dude8 - November 14, 2012

Man i been Gaming and using my windows 8 non stop. i love this systems as an end user nothing is missing. its sad windows 8 is getting such a bad rap. you people are just a bunch of NOOBS.

i ran the trial for 90 days not 1 Issue.
i bought Windows 8 Pro clean install, Not 1 issue.

i can find everything on my desktop i know how to run it its no different then windows 7/vista/XP its all there you guys are just weak, Lazy and Google dependent.

sad sad computer users.


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