Windows 8 Transformation Pack For XP, Vista and Windows 7

One of the main novelties of Windows 8 is that it has a Metro Homescreen, Charms bar and square edged windows. Windows 8 Transformation Pack makes it possible to convert Windows 7, XP or Vista into original Windows 8 RTM original appearance.

Changes Noticed

Desktop windows 8 transformation pack

Live Tiles added have interactivity. Like, Weather widget tile will animate accordingly and Picture tile shows photos in My Pictures Folder.

How to Add More Tiles

By Default, only 7-8 tiles which are necessary are on home screen. But you can add more from selection pane at top.

  1. Left click on right-most of the screen, charms bar will ope.
  2. Now, right click anywhere on bar and Pin-widget.
  3. This opens a new pane from top with variety of tiles like Gmail, Facebook, App Store, Calender, etc.
  4. Click on them and they get added on home screen.

Home Screen windows 8 transformation pack


Metro Apps on Windows 7

I noticed some full screen Metro apps like software installed with this pack. Not sure whether it is just an illusion but they’re extremely similar in appearance and working. And these Metro Apps are:

  1. Pictures (Photo Viewer)
  2. Video (Video Player)
  3. Internet Explorer
  4. Settings
  5. Weather, Calender and Clock.
  6. App Store (didn’t work for me though)
  7. Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Socialize and many more…

Memory Consumption

Three processes run to make all this possible namely:

  1. Aura.exe – 14-20 MB RAM
  2. UserTile.exe- 20-30 MB RAM
  3. Newgen.exe- 225-350 MB RAM

Memory windows 8 transformation pack

This totals around 500MB or half a GB of RAM consumption in total active process.


Square cornered windows, Metro Homescreen with Live tiles and many metro-like modern apps; It is really an install-worthy suite. I didn’t try many transformation packs but this one promises complete Windows 8 RTM transformation for Windows 7, Vista and XP.

I appreciate the efforts and work of developer to imitate Windows 8 appearance and bring it on Windows 7, XP and Vista. But then a normal user would think, is it really worth? Well, 500 MB is big amount but still not too much if you consider the aesthetics you are getting.

For a computer system with better configuration running more than 4GB of RAM, it is completely fine and doesn’t cause any hindrance.

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bharath - September 9, 2012

I want to transform my windows xp sp3 into windows 8.I have only 1gb ram..can my RAM supports it….Will I Face any problem..Please suggest me or atleast upload windows 7 transformation pack for xp sp3…

    Rohit Langde - October 4, 2012

    I won’t recommend to so Bharath. As seen in Task manager, applications eats up half GB of RAM. Though, it will run but soon, you will start facing problems of lag in other applications say Firefox during browsing.
    So, just give this application a pass for now until you upgrade.

Farhan Choudhary - October 4, 2012

Same Query..?????
Want to know the same thing.!!!
please rply ASAP

    Rohit Langde - October 4, 2012

    Hey Farhan, I won’t recommend it running on computer with 1GB RAM. Read my reply to Bharath for more.

Ninad - October 5, 2012

I have Win 7 and 2gb RAM. Can i use it. Plz Reply me through mail.


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