Windows 8 Upgrade / Downgrade Tool: Switch Between Versions Easily

Switching between Windows 8 versions, maybe for a reason or just out of curiosity (like me) has just got easier. Windows 8 Upgrade and Downgrade tool called UpDown8 can make easy upgrade from Windows 8 Core to Enterprise or downgrade to Enterprise to Professional.

For Windows 7, there was a Windows 7 Downgrader which did some registry edits to make downgrades possible. UpDown8 also does same thing. You don’t to open Registry and play dirty, this tool can do it on behalf of you.

If you are not yet on Windows 8 RTM Final build 9200 and still using RP then you might be looking for Upgrade of Windows 8 Release Preview to RTM without losing Data or Format.

What you have to do is open the tool, select the Windows 8 version you want to upgrade/downgrade offline.

How to Upgrade or Downgrade Windows 8 Version

  1. Download Updown8 v1.1
  2. Open the tool as “Administrator”
  3. Choose Windows 8 Edition you want to upgrade/downgrade (Press A and Enter key)

    windows 8 upgrade downgrade tool

  4. Select the Edition (Press Alphabet accordingly)

    windows 8 edition chooser

  5. Registry edits will be made and you are ready.
  6. Close the tool and Insert Windows 8 Installation DVD / USB
  7. Run the setup.exe and Press Install Now.

windows 8 downgrade process

Upgrade or Downgrade process will be completed on its own automatically.

windows 8 upgrade process

The tool is compatible with: Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows 8 Core which means all Windows 8 Desktop Editions. However, at the time of writing this post, the tool has problem with downgrading to Windows 8 core from Windows 8 Pro.

Developer is known of the issue and we will update you as soon that is possible. You can read more about it at release thread.

Till then, you can easily upgrade or downgrade Windows 8 with this tool.

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anduzzu - September 3, 2012

If I’ll upgrade Windows 8 Enterprise to Windows 8 Pro this will be available for 180 days too?

    Rohit Langde - September 3, 2012

    Which version are you currently using? I am amazed to know that you are being given 180 days of trial period.

    Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation version has 90 days trial period. Read more-
    While none of the RTM builds have any kind of Trial/Grace period to run. Read more-

      Andrei - September 3, 2012

      I’m talking about the initially 90 days trial plus the next 90 days after rearm. 90+90=180. It’s correct?

        Rohit Langde - September 3, 2012

        That is ONLY available on Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation.
        If you use THIS Upgrade/Downgrade tool to get Professional version, it will ask you Key while installation itself and there is no grace period for PRO.

Arjan - November 6, 2012

Do I need to reinstall all applications / tools / etc if I switch from Enterprise to Pro?

    Rohit Langde - November 7, 2012

    Yes, User applications will have to be re-installed.

      Arjan - November 7, 2012

      Which makes this tool utterly useless… Because I can just insert the dvd/usb/whatever or mount the iso and reinstall Pro version..

towik - December 22, 2012

Do I need reactivated windows 8 pro?

Chris - April 21, 2013

Will I need another key if I downgrade to Pro?

edwaine - September 6, 2013

Can I use this to downgrade my Windows 8.1 Pro to Core?

tomas - August 29, 2014

i run setup.exe, select OS (i downloaded iso containing all win8 versions(core, pro, enterprise; 32/64bit)) and then i can choose to upgrade or custom install

i cant upgrade – it tells me its not compatible
and custom install delete all data as you know

what to do ?

tomasss - August 30, 2014

hi guys,

i did all this and it told me i cant upgrade w8enterprise to pro cause it is not compatible

i found solution on this webpage where u edit some more registry


Marcin - February 9, 2016

Its in any language?


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