Windows Phone 7 Series WP7 Emulator Cracked

During the MIX 10, Microsoft made available Windows Phone 7 Emulator to developers and the general public for software application development. Now it has been checked out to reveal some interesting details. In the original emulator, you cannot access certain applications or graphical environment.

windows phone 7 emulator crack

Nevertheless, the emulator can be used to explore the platform features altogether and access features like posting Photos, Videos, etc. Inspite of some limitations and restriction to access some features, Dan Ardelean managed to break the protection to access the hidden areas of the system. On his blog, you can read a step by step tutorial how you can break into the restricted features of Windows Phone 7 Emulator.

windows phone 7 emulator crack

Windows Phone 7 Series emulator ROM has been completely unlocked, allowing users to access the full OS, rather that just the settings and web browser as previously. The Modified version allows one to interact with the live tiles,hubs, use the elusive voice search feature, and even the basic apps that are preloaded.

Among the functions that are exposed Zune application to find and download music playback, Or the Office tools interface for camera. Since Microsoft has insisted that this is an emulator based on initial developments from the environment and hence restrictions have been implemented.

windows phone 7 emulator cracked

You can also check out two videos published on the Tech Au blog which makes a tour of the main features of Windows Phone 7 thanks to the unlocked emulator.

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Vipul Champaneri - April 30, 2010

i want to buy a new phone. i visited your website and i decided to buy a Windows Phone 7 Series WP7 Emulator Cracked . so what is the prize of this model ? availbility in india. and also contact . please send me of above information

    Your Worst Nightmare - December 7, 2010

    You don’t mean that serious, do you? Don’t you know what an Emulator is?

Rocco Freifeld - November 20, 2010

Decent site! Thank you!

Rozella Trebil - January 21, 2011

Hey just checked out your web-site, been looking around at few of sites but this post is one of ideal I’ve seen. Wonderful work!


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