Windows XP can also have a Sidebar

Desktop Sidebar is an application that will let you install a sidebar on Windows XP. Operating system that has no default as in Windows 7 and Vista, and still maintaining a high level of popularity.

Thanks to its many modules, we can use Desktop Sidebar to check our email or RSS feeds, see what the weather, photos, time, work with notes and tasks, control Winamp or Windows Media Player, or view the status of use CPU, RAM, disk space and other parameters.


All these modules or panels are completely customizable and allow the use of skins, of which there are 13 in total and are available in the Extras page that the developer makes available. With them we can for example specify the format of the notifications it provides us with Desktop Sidebar.

The application is freeware and compatible with Windows XP but also Vista and Windows 7, and along with your download does not only get the bar and the extras, but we will also have an SDK for developing modules.

Download Sidebar for XP

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