Virtual Windows XP inside Windows 7

While upgrading operating system, we fear about compatibility of softwares. Will this new one support my existing softwares and programs? But while choosing Windows 7, you may not have to think about this problem because To avoid this issue, here is another Surprising news from Microsoft Windows 7 labs that, It will include virtual Windows Xp and you will be able to run all programs compatible with XP.

This functionality does not come by default, but is offered as an optional download without cost for the professional version of Windows 7: Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. In downloading the program itself is based on Virtual PC, a copy of Windows XP SP3 with your license without increasing the price of Windows 7.

First Impression

First Impression

The operation of the Windows XP mode (or virtual Windows XP) is very similar to any commercial virtual machine with the notable advantage that the windows can be treated as if they were native.  Following the style popularized Parallels on Mac, windows virtualized appear in the taskbar with icons and thumbnails, and except for the style of window (Xp like instead of transparent), would be indistinguishable from normal native windows.

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Hey im currently learning vb and posting some projects would like some opinions, thanks.


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