Give Windows 7 look to your XP

It seems that Windows 7 will undergo major improvement in Windows OS and hopefully make its user to switch over from Windows XP. The look and design of Windows 7 is just awesome and irresistible.

If you can’t wait for its release. By the time, give your desktop Windows Seven 7 look with these utilities. This can be real fun for those who are sticking with XP in spite of migrating to Vista. Let’s find out how we can transform Xp to Windows 7.


This is most important thing which can give a fresh Windows seven look to your Xp desktop. Download some Windows 7 seven wallpaper packs from deviantART and place on desktop.

windows 7 orginal wallpaper download

Se7en Calculator

This is another way to imitate your Xp as Windows Seven. Get the look-like Seven calculator, It just just looks like but doesn’t have full functionality of it.

windows 7 calculator for xp

Automatic Windows Arrangement

Besides its looks and feel, Windows from inside will also behave in different manner. Two windows can be viewed side-by-side by dragging each window to the far left or far right of the desktop. Dragging a window to the top auto-maximizes it. Make it happen using AeroSnap.

windows 7 window management for xp

Windows Vienna / Seven 7 transformation Pack

windows xp to windows 7 transformation

Using this theme pack, Many features of Windows Seven will be installed and you can selectively choose from each of the module contained in this 60MB Installer package.

  •  Vienna Navigator.
  • Cool Superbar.
  • Windows 7 Visual Styles.
  • Sounds.
  • Windows 7 wallpapers.
  • Cursor Set.
  • Windows Vienna Logon Screen.
  • Windows Vienna Bootskin.
  • All the required applications to apply these effects.

Windows 7 Ultimate Login pack

Windows 7 Ultimate Login pack is yet another lightweight freeware application. It allows you to transform Windows Xp lock screen to Windows 7.

Login pack Screenshot

SevenMizer Transformation

SevenMizer is a free program that lets you transform the look of Windows XP, MCE or Server 2003 to Windows 7. The program works with all languages and operating system you want to customize by selecting what and what not.

transform xp to windows 7

SevenMizer features are:

  • Change the look of XP to Windows 7
  • It’s multilanguage
  • Modify system files.
  • Check compatibility of files during installation.
  • Makes a backup of the original system files.
  • Remodifies system files after a Windows update.
  • Restore the original system files if you uninstall.

To transform your xp to windows 7 download SevenMizer just run the installer and choose what you want to customize. It’s that simple is to change the look of XP to Windows 7.

I have mentioned few possibilities by which you can make your Windows Xp look like upcoming Windows Seven 7 operating system. If you come across more alternative, feel free to drop in comments.

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Iproxp - March 29, 2009

Thanks for this great article. In addition, the best other guides for XP to Windows 7 Transformation i’ve ever known on WinMatrix for every Windows XP user (thanks to amirz):


You can find and download many cool stuffs + even some port apps and guides/links there to totally transform and enhance XP like Windows Vista or Windows 7 for free, in both GUI and feature/function! Just FYI. Thanks.

Long live XP!

Mrigendra - June 27, 2009

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Manu - June 27, 2009

Do we have a orkut account..?

Windows 7 Registry Tools - December 19, 2009

Thanks for this! I lovei t!!

Rahul - December 23, 2010

What version of this supportive! & ! How to download the setup file


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