WordPress 2.9 to have Recycle Bin

WordPress 2.9 is going to be released in near future and there is a news of inclusion of new and interesting feature called Recycle Bin similar to what we have in Operating systems.

The next version of WordPress will include a recycle bin. So when you delete an entry or comment is not really automatically removed, only we will be invisible. After 30 days, or time you specify, such information is deleted from the database. Meanwhile, we can go to the listing of the trash and restore the item.

Wordpress 2.9 Move to Trash Feature

Wordpress 2.9 Move to Trash Feature

This functionality is already available in Joomla CMS since long and it’s an achievement that constantly developing WordPress has included it.

The developers will have a series of actions that can be used to extend this functionality.
untrash_post Before recovering a post
untrashed_post After recovering a post
untrash_comment Before recovering a Comment
untrashed_comment After recovering a comment

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Vikram - August 23, 2009

can be helpful at times.

terry - December 21, 2009

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