5 Working alternatives for Limewire: Free and Fast P2P File Share Clients

Popular P2P Share client Limewire was discontinued which allowed to share and download music, videos and other files for free. Reason behind this was due to a claim for copyright infringement. This doesn’t mean P2P has stopped working so here I share some other programs which allows same thing.


Limewire Alternative Frostwire

Frostwrire is one of the best and that is almost identical to Limewire. Moreover, it even contains many features that only the Pro version of LimeWire had but in this case everything is free. Works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.



Limewire Alternative

Cabos better known as an alternative to LimeWire for Mac OS X but also works on Windows, Cabos features a simple interface and extremely easy to use, unlike LimeWire or same FrostWire, Cabos is very fast and small, worth test.


MP3 Rocket

Limewire Alternative

MP3 Rocket is also very much like LimeWire and works the same way, so that is another good option. FrostWire is a lot like, well, although MP3 Rocket Pro gives you a pop-up windows from time to time, which is a bit annoying, so this alternative is the least recommended, works on Windows only.


Here are some P2P applications which we have already reviewed on Blogsolute.

Sky Downloader

Sky Downloader is one such application which allows you download films, songs and Games from P2P and Bit torrent networks. Not just downloading stuffs but it can also stream videos and radio and facilitate you for watching TV online. I am really impressed with its collection of database for everything you need.

Download Sky Downloader Pro


Shareaze is completely a freeware software, and you will never see any ads or pop-ups windows. You can search and download anything then let it be any Bollywood Movie or Premium software.

Download ShareAza

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hans - November 4, 2010

thank you for the list man, that’s very useful for me:)

Sheila @ Avaguide - November 11, 2010

I’ve used Limewire before and Azureus, they often get virus files. Do these programs in the list easily get viruses?

Debby Abruzzese - December 21, 2010

I love this blog layout ! How do you make it!? It is very nice!

Nelida Rogriguez - December 24, 2010

stupid stomach virus… KILLING ME… no nausea, but cant get out of the can, and its like someone is stabbing me in the belly.


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