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Writing in Regional Language Was Never So Easy Before Google Input Keyboard

Google Input Tools is the most adorable extension in the Chrome store. Yes, of course it is only for Google Chrome and it lets you type in your own language. Moreover, you don’t you have to learn the keys on the keyboard for your language, just spell the words in English & it will type in your language.

No need of installing fonts of your particular language, just install the extension & select your language.

Google input tools gives you full access to write in your own language anywhere on the web. Well, I tried to type in the address bar with Hindi keyboard but it doesn’t work that way. You can only use this utility on the web where you are allowed to type. Let’s get started with How to install & set up Google Input Tools.

How to Start Writing in Regional Language

  • First go to Google Input Tools page & add this extension.
  • After installing, click the icon beside the address bar & select Extension Options then select your language.
  • After selecting, open Google search and you will get an on-screen-keyboard of your language.
  • Now to stop typing in your language, go to the Extension Icon & Turn it off.


This is the procedure of using the On-Screen-Keyboard. While selecting the language, I came across with two options.

1. Only language.

2. Language + Phonetic.

I must tell you the proper use of this and which option you must select as to type smoothly.

The Only Language option is the defined keyboard for your language in which you have to learn the keys & its kind of difficult to use. The second option i.e. Phonetic, is the simplest way to type in your language. Whatever you want to type in your language, just type that in English form & it will spell it in your Language.

It is the easiest way to type in your language with an On-Screen-Keyboard & also this extension doesn’t make your Chrome slower. It is not only for Google, as I have mentioned above, but also this keyboard is for every box on the web where you can type. Facebook, Twitter, etc. or almost any text box available on Webpage of any Website.

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