Awesome YARPP Templates With Featured Image Thumbnails and Slider

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin for WordPress abbreviated and popular as YARPP has a wonderful feature called Templates. It lets you customize the style and way to show related posts on articles with Thumbnails. Because, just Text links won’t be enough to force visitor to click.

I selected two such awesome YARPP templates to cover in this article, out of which I am using one personally.

1. Related Posts with Featured Image Thumbs

Related Post with Featured Thumbnails YARPP Template

Appearance – Thumbnails are shown with the title text overlay on it with transparent black background.

Thumbnail Source (as per priority)

  1. Featured Image attached with the Post
  2. First Image in the post
  3. Excerpt Text is shown as Image

Check out UrbanGiraffe’s page about this YARPP Template.

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2. Related Post Thumbnails with Slider on Scroll

Related Post Thumbnail Slider YARPP Template

Appearance – This is kind of different way to show or I would say flaunt Related posts. Related posts are shown as sliding dialog box with thumbnails as page is scrolled down. It looks very wonderful and reader never misses looking at it and it never fails to catch attention.

Thumbnail Source – As the author of code says, it only looks for Featured image attached to the post and displays it as thumbnail.

Check out Demo and more info on SevenSparks.

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How to Install YARPP Templates

1. Coding stuffs

Archive contains 3 files:

  1. custom.css (.txt) – Paste the code of this file into your theme stylesheet. (Used for styling / can be customized to suit theme)
    Some themes have Custom style sheets so prefer that instead of modifying primary stylesheet.
  2. functions.php (.txt) – Paste the code of this file in to functions.php of Theme (This registers the thumbnail size)
  3. yarpp-template.php – Copy this file into Theme Folder. (This is the Template file)

2. Generating Thumbnails

Though, we have mentioned the thumbnail size to be used but that won’t be generated automatically. Instead you’ll need to use a plugin such as Viper007Bond’s Regenerate Thumbnails to go back through your attachments and create the thumbnails.

3. Activating YARPP Template

Go to YARPP Settings and tick on Display using Custom Template and then select the template from drop-down menu. Save the settings to activate.

Activate YARPP Custom Template

I hope this article makes it clear about how to get those awesome YARPP Templates with Featured Thumbnails on WordPress Blogs. If you find something more beautiful or have customized yourself, let me know so that it can be included in this collection.

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