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Search YouTube Music Videos easily, Create Custom Playlist and Share with Friends

YouTube is the biggest online entertainment for watching video clips and listening to music. There are times when you may feel difficulty in searching appropriate videos of your taste. YouTube provides an easy to use and simple interface which may not be appealing for many people.

uWall is a web service which lets you to use YouTube in a more interactive way. It is easy to use and you can create a free account with it to have the benefits provided.

This web service provides an interactive interface to select or search music videos by categories or just selecting the artist’s avatar from site background.You can also add filters to your search to get the most relevant video.

You can easily create your favorite playlists add songs to them and share them with friends. Playlists can be edited anytime with the facility to add multiple playlists. Hence it provides very easy and interactive way to view videos on YouTube.

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