YouTube Modern App for Windows 8

Watching videos on YouTube is a common thing that we do atleast once a day. These videos can be tutorials, TV shows, concerts or simply music videos. If you are using Windows 8 and do not prefer watching YouTube videos on web browser then switching to YouVue is a good option. YouVue is a free YouTube Metro App for Windows 8

Before shifting to a desktop client, the question arises “Why do I need a Desktop Client for YouTube?”. Well being a Firefox user, recently I had lot of troubles with Adobe flash plugin. The latest update kept crashing repeatedly. So anyway I was not able to view YouTube Videos (for the time being). Another thing that we previously wrote about was Skipping YouTube Ads, with YouVue you will not be getting any ads while playing the Videos.

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These are things that made me search for a desktop app on Windows 8 which could directly play YouTube Videos without the need of a web browser. Obviously With a web browser you have Secret codes for YouTube url to tweak and extend your video experience.

YouVue Interface

youtube metro app windows 8

YouVue has a simple interface. It presents almost every thing you will be needing on the home screen. The good news is that YouVeu is focused towards music Video lovers. Item presentation on home screen is totally optimized for music lovers as it shows categories, latest Music and also lists the top audio songs like USA Top 40, Indian Top 20, French Top 40 etc.

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youtube metro app windows 8

Videos are added to queue automatically as you start playing them. If you want to play any video, just click on the thumb present on home screen. The playback interface is interesting. First of all, you do not need a third party player to play videos.  As you select a music video, there will be several options that you can perform.

youtube metro app windows 8

You can add the video to queue, mark it as favorite or play it. If you are interested to view more videos of the same artist or more videos with same name available on YouTube. The second option will allow you to find out all versions of the video available. Once you click on the play button, the video will start playing at the top right corner. Click on the playback thumb to enter the playback screen.

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The best thing you get is information about the Artist, song Lyrics and more information. About Lyrics, I did not get any lyrics for the above song which is pretty popular.

youtube metro app windows 8

In other videos the lyrics were displayed accordingly. Out of nearly 20 tested videos only one video was presented with wrong lyrics.

  Full Screen Display

youtube metro app windows 8

To enter full screen click on the magnify icon present on top right corner of video screen. Similarly you can exit full screen.

[alert-note] App plays in background too. Hence you can add a queue, minimize the app and continue with your work. [/alert-note]

Using YouVue Efficiently

Search for Videos:

youtube metro app windows 8

There is no search box within the app. If you need to view videos other than music videos or specific music videos then on YouVue home screen use the Windows 8 search function from Charms Bar. Searched Videos will instantly appear on home screen.

Video Quality Control:

youtube windows 8 metro app

YouVue settings can be accessed from Windows 8 Charms Bar settings on YouVue home screen. The key setting here is to control the Video quality. Offered video qualities are low, medium and high. You can select other settings according to your choice. There is also an option called offline mode. It allows you to cache songs for offline usage.

Live Tile:

youtube metro app windows 8

You can set the live tile on/off. Live tile will show you details of the video currently playing.

YouTube Metro App Video Overview


YouVue is a very handy app to view YouTube on Windows 8 Pc. It is smooth and I could operate faster within the app than I could have in a web browser. So give it a try, it wont be disappointing.


Download: YouVue App for Windows 8

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Ravi kumar - January 27, 2013

Wonderful information and post. No body wanted to go directly on the website to watch videos.


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