10 cool interesting and Useful things to do with YouTube

YouTube is most popular among all the video sharing sites and its a great source of infotainment for most online users. Here’s a list what all you can do with YouTube using useful online tools.

Extract Audio from YouTube Video

If you don’t want to have video due to some reasons then extract audio in popular MP3 format from any youTube video using ListenToYouTube which only requires entering Video URL to be processed.

Create Ringtone and Edit Youtube Audio online

Not just extracting but if you are interested in converting Youtube video to Ringtones to be played on Cellphones then go to MadRingtones. Creating ringtones is quick and easy, just be put on the website and enter the URL of the video or MP3 file and click Load. Another thing that enables this service is able to capture a piece of the song from minutes later you choose to pass it on to different formats like MP3, AMR, OGG or M4R.
youtube tools

Select Specific Parts of Youtube Video

You just want a scene or a particular part from a whole Youtube Video then use TubeChop or Splicd which allows online cutting or chopping video just by entering YouTube URL.

Mixing and Editing Youtube Video online

Want to add to your other audio video? YtDub is a video editing application through which you can insert other audio video to your YouTube video. Simply insert the IDs (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =VIDEO_ID) of YouTube video that you want to edit.

Change Interface of Youtube

Want to make Youtube more fancy to suit your theme color choice or simply bored of YouTube default interface then go to:
YouFlow which adds a coverflow-like interface and allows you to play multiple videos in a single browser tab.
YouCube that turns YouTube videos into a cube, this may turn to go see the video you want. It also gives you the option to share your YouCube or view others who have created the Internet.
InfiniTube plays Youtube videos continuously non-stop of a series or search result of a keyword entered.

Watch Flagged Inappropriate Videos without Sign-in

There are plenty of videos on YouTube tagged as inappropriate by users. Because of this, YouTube limits the viewing of these videos just for registered users. If you do not have an account but do not want to miss these videos can do so by entering  NSFWYoutube. It does what it says – View Not Safe For Work Videos bypassing registration / signup.

See What’s Baking in & Use Latest Advanced Fatures

Check out and get your hands on new features developed by Engineers which are still under Testing grounds in TestTube. At this time TesTube includes CaptionTube (to add video captions and annotations); Active Sharing (shows other users what you’re seeing), Streams (for chatting with others who are watching the same video) Warp (to search for Visually YouTube videos in a player for full screen).

Set Alarm of YouTube video

Alarmvideo is really a very different service which wakes you up by playing your favorite song’s Video on youtube.  Some of you may find it crap but for those who stays awake late night and generally leave their Computers running.

Add Subtitles to Youtube Video

Ever wanted to add subtitles to youtube videos and share them with your friends? We have already reviewed services like CaptionTube and AuthorStream which allows to add and edit subtitles online to YouTube Videos.

Watch Youtube Videos without Distraction

Quietube is a bookmarklet for your browser that lets you see the desired video from YouTube  without advertisements or distractions, comment and without logos that distract you from the main content, video. In addition, Quietube generate a short url to share this video with anyone.

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    Rohit Langde - August 23, 2009

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I enjoyed your Site and found some atractive stuff for me

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