Zoom Part of Image on Mouseover of WordPress Blog Articles

One thing that I really like about WordPress is it’s versatility in Plug-in support. There are various kind of plug-ins available for different purposes. Image Zoomer is a wordpress plugin  that will help readers to get more visibility and interaction with images on your site.

It is a small plug-in that basically gives readers the option to zoom a part of the image when they take the mouseover the image. setting this plug-in is easy with only two options that you have to specify.

First of all you have to specify the default zoom then the mouse cursor is taken over the image. By default this is set to 2x zoom but can be extended upto 10x. Readers can zoom in or zoom out using mouse scroll. Second setting that you have to do is the window size within which the image will be magnified, by default it is 75 pixels i.e window size is 75×75 pixels. you can change this according to your convenience.

Image Zoomer is well compatible with the latest version of wordpress and works seamlessly, it can be disabled at any time from the plug-in options if you do not wish to use it.

Download: Image Zoomer

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Mediasiana - April 24, 2011

very cool plugin i like it, thank for share 🙂

Tivisiana - May 12, 2011

amazing plugin thank

Tivisiana - May 21, 2011

thank for share this plugin

HomeTivi - June 8, 2011

nice plugin thank for share 🙂

AMA Compuhouse - May 10, 2012

thank for share this plugin very coools

AMA Compuhouse - May 16, 2012

very cool plugin i like it, thank for share this plugin


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