5 Useful Facebook Tricks and Tips

Facebook is one of the most popular Social Media website. As a blogger Facebook is very important for you. But for other users it has  benefits for you too. Social Media is gaining more and more popularity on the web. Lots of features and benefits are added in the recent years, but still Social Media has very bright future in internet marketing.

Today I want to share 5 simple tips and tricks, which can be very useful for you in your daily internet usage. These simple tips can make your facebook usage more easy and safe for you.

Facebook 5 Simple and Useful Tricks and Tips

1. Access Gmail from Facebook:- One of the most useful and simple feature of Face Book is, the you can easily access your Gmail account from your Face Book account. There is a service called Fmail in Face Book, through which you can access your Gmail account.

2. Tweet on Facebook Status:- If you are twitter user, then a service called Twitter App on Face Book can help allot in twitting your posts or messages easily from your Face book DashBoard. At a time you can send one message at Face Book and Twitter, using Twitter App on FaceBook from Face Book DashBoard.

3. Appear Offline to Selected Users:- If you want to not show you Online status to one of your friend, or list of some friends, then you can block the list and Face Book will show Offline stuts to the selected users.

Just open FaceBook Chat and create a new list, add the users you want to show offline status and select Block Them option, and that’s all.

4. Show your Flickr Images on Facebook:- If you love Flickr and you have images saved in your Flicker account, then use My flickr application to show your Flickr images in your Face Book account.

5. Download Videos from Facebook:- FaceBook has collection of videos available for you, and you can download all the videos to your computer. Although there are such a large collection of videos available as available on YouTube, but still there are plenty of videos available, and you can download all the videos using DownFaceBook.

These applications bring all your Photos, videos, timeline,etc at one place that’s Facebook so you save time and share everything with friends easily. If you find it useful, Become fan of Blogsolute on Facebook.


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  1. Ruchi says:

    Nice tips, I never downloaded any video from facebook , I will surely give it a try .

  2. Dinesh says:

    Cool tips, i will definitely give try to those which i have not tried.

  3. Ava Green says:

    Flicker is really great when sharing photos over friends and families. I love the resize feature of Flickr.:.’

  4. vipul sharma says:

    Brilliant tips/tricks, its working…..Thnx.

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