About Blogsolute

A bumpy start made in 2008 turned incredible over the years. Started by Rohit Langde, an avid blogger and voracious reader, Blogsolute has been nurtured over long days, to service more than just glitches. Our development has not been easy. But we have strived and are still going strong. We started as a simple blogspot but with fierce encouragement, we have become Blogsolute.com.

Technology and innovations man did make. Problems and bugs they did. What did we do? We made them – Solutions.

‘We. Computer . People’ – In its nascent day’s Blogsolute meant an ambitious assortment of quality solutions and appealing infographics, provided by US – The Computer people. With consistent growth, now we are here at a position where we can ‘computer’ people. It is this tectonic movement that has changed the notion of Blogsolute, which went from being a redundant personal blog to a widely read how-to.

Blogsolute is your very own space to find solutions that are tried, tested and verified.

Rohit Langde (Strategist)

Rohit Langde

Rohit Langde is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from Nagpur and pursuing Masters in Technology (CAD/CAM). His areas of interest mainly includes Windows Troubleshooting, Social Media and Blogging Techniques. He is well quoted to be one of the Top Indian Bloggers on many Websites.

Apart from Blogging, he has recently ventured into Internet Marketing. He is also a regular speaker at Technology and Blogging conferences. He’s quite active on Social networks so, get in touch personally by following him on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Sourojit Nandi (Editor)

sourojit nandiSourojit Nandi is a Computer Science Engineer by qualification and Tech blogger by Profession from Dhanbad. He joined Blogsolute as a contributor in 2010 and now he has a role of Executive Editor. He loves playing with Gadgets and tweaking his Android device. Messing with Windows system and spending hours to fix them is his favorite pastime.

He has years of experience in troubleshooting beginner problems in Windows and to him, writing is an attempt to share this knowledge. Follow him on Facebook.

Updated on 10 Feb 2013.