AVG Internet Security 2012 License Key For 90 Days

When more and more sensitive personal information is being stored on your computer, it’s wise to have to proper protection against Internet-borne threats. So, AVG Internet Security is one of the popular name in security suites for system protection.

AVG Internet Security offers real-time protection, automatic updates, low-impact background scanning for online threats, and instant quarantining or removal of infected files ensures maximum protection. Every interaction between your computer and the Internet is monitored, so nothing can get onto your system without your knowledge.

AVG Internet Security 2012

Additionally, AVG Internet Security 2012 pulls together elements of AVG’s firewall, identity protection, and anti-virus signature detection capabilities to deliver the most accurate detection of new and unknown threats. This enhanced protection level makes use of cutting-edge technologies like application white-listing and “in-the-cloud” automated testing for tell-tale signs that indicate the presence of a new threat.

How to Activate AVG Internet Security 2012 Free Subscription

  1. Download Online Installer – avg_isct_stb_all_2012_1869_asbis_1.exe
    It will download the complete installation files about 65MB before actual installation begin.
  2. During Installation, you will find that Serial Number is already filled up in the form, don’t change that and continue with installation procedure.
  3. When Setup completes, you will notice that it is pre-activated for 90 days.

AVG Internet Security 2012 Serial Key License

This method is working properly. Checked 27.7.2012


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  1. krishna says:

    thins for 3 month license key of avg 9.0, plz give me 1year license key. thans

  2. Anish K.S says:

    Still happy with Avira Free. 🙂

  3. Abijheet Hermanto says:

    This is totally pimped! thx dude
    1 year could be great, yea?

  4. michael.x says:

    tnx bro, I really appreciate it

  5. ALBIN says:

    Brother can u please send me the english version of free license key please…

  6. Dea Bros says:

    Hey, thnx for the serial number!!!

  7. Zohaib says:


  8. Arun says:

    gr8 work dude… Thanks for the key!!!

  9. Yaay says:

    Wow, it actually worked 😀 thanks, my license was meant to expire today – google came to the rescue!

    Note: Can we use this more than once?

  10. pjAyAjp says:

    please give me 1year license key of avg 9.0

  11. hadook says:

    hey boy you are very good
    TNX for this key

  12. HeLoOo says:

    thanks the license works perfect for avg 9.0. hope to see the 1 year sometime soon.

  13. roberto says:

    men you are the KING

  14. sandeep says:

    thankx bossssss

  15. somil says:

    its good

  16. nxz says:

    Thanks for the serial number. It really works. Hope that there will be a 1 year license soon. Thanks again sir

  17. Ron says:

    Good One Buddy !!!

  18. chiquita says:

    hi there it it only giving me the option to use avg in language of Polski, i need it in english..? Can i get another license number pls?

  19. DIego says:

    Serial works but Why was my firewall disabled??

  20. Tammy Brown says:

    Thank you very much. It didn’t give me 3 months only 3 weeks but that will work just as well. Thank you.

  21. Javed says:

    Hi Rohit, I need only AVG Identity protection license key for the configuration version 245 and product version 9.0.921.

  22. Javed says:

    Could anybody provide me the AVG Identity protection license key, it’s about to lapse.

  23. Unknown says:

    Thanxxxxxxxxx buddy…….. Hope there will be a lisense for longer period………….

  24. memphius says:

    liscence says it is expired…

  25. hello says:

    it wont acivate

  26. Aminis says:

    Hi, PLz could you send me 1yr license key for avg 9.0.

    Mine doesn’t work


  27. OroJackson says:


    License for AVG 9.0 until February 26th 2018

    @author Rohit Langde: Update your blog to include that number so the visitor could find it without scrolling down the cursor to see latest comments. :p
    And you don’t have to give me the credit…

    Key Removed: On request

  28. K.X.T. says:

    it work with me
    it can be use until 26 Feb 2018 ty very much

  29. Gus says:

    it works, thranks a lot man.. did u know where can i find a IP changer?

  30. skaiste says:

    shusil thank you.:)

  31. Rjk says:

    Thanks for the key Rohit and sushil. For me The key given by sushil have a validity period till 2018 and is genuine. I can update my avg 9 as usual. Thanks dude

  32. james says:


  33. Sumesh says:

    Tnx for the key. Appreciate it 🙂

  34. threeot says:

    the best…!!!!

  35. kay says:

    how do i take the avg licence off my computer so that i can re-install it. I have uninstalled the program, i have tried all the serial numbers that you posted. but i still cant access it. It would be great if you can help me because my computer keeps crashing

  36. helpme says:

    if the license expires. can we use it again? i have an ip changer here xD and keygen

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