How to browse Facebook and Google over HTTPS secure connection

Recently, it was heard that the Facebook fan page of Mark Zuckerberg himself had been hacked. This has raised great concerns regarding the security of our private data in Facebook. The data itself is supposed to be secure, but while we are accessing it i.e. browsing our account, it is vulnerable to various hacking attempts such as phishing etc.

To combat this threat and to provide additional security to its users during browsing, Facebook has rolled out the new secure browsing feature.

This new feature HTTPS uses SSL encryption to make the whole session secure. To secure your Facebook session follow the following steps.

Login to your Facebook account. Go to Account -> Account Settings.

Go to Account Security and click on change.

Mark the checkbox Secure browsing (https) and click on Save.

Now the secure browsing feature is enabled.

A word of caution, if you are using a slow internet connection, secure browsing will make it even slower. Thus it is not recommended for slow internet connections.

It is also possible to use Google securely. Instead of going to, visit When using this secure browsing feature, neither your search term nor your search results are visible to anyone trying to see what you are upto by any means. However, once you click on a result and you navigate away from the page, secure browsing session is ended.

To check at any time for any site whether your browsing session is secure or not, just have a look at the address. If its https and not http then your browsing session is secure.


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