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Capturing the best moments of life has always been great things to do since after going through those pics you can recall the precious moments of life. But very few people do care about the choosing right camera for snapping your dearest moments, if you don’t want to spoil those invaluable moment check this out!

Here we will check out what are the basics to select a digital camera and will look out towards few technical definitions used in this field from users perspective. I have enlisted few characteristic which drives a user to buy the camera accordingly.

1. Purchasing Power

Its the major factor which will force you to buy the certain camera even if you want to have high end camera but lack of money or your budget for the camera can bar your thoughts. The allocated budget range itself decides the range of camera that you will buy. There are also options online with the Red Eye technology, Sensor technology etc can be matched according to your requirements.

With this I Hope, All important terminologies of Cameras are clear and I wish you have a wise purchase. If you are still looking for something, Comment below and I will be happy to help!


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Nitin Sapkal is tech enthusiastic Blogger from Nagpur. Being an ETC Engineer he covers the News related to Telecom field along with gadgets reviews and general tricks & hacks.

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  1. Itit says:

    Great info. I have bookmarked this site.

  2. Ram says:

    Thanks Nitin….

    It would be nice if you can suggest some camera models in your article , available in India,

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