Create Virtual Drives in one click

Creating Virtual Drives was never so easy. For those, who need separate Hard disk drives for every specific things (like me), it is really useful for them. You can make new virtual disk drive in a second.

For example, I have a Disk Drive with Photos and Songs in it which are distinguished by separate Folder. I always wanted to get direct access which is possible by creating new Disk Drive but, it would have been a long procedure. Also, resizing or shrinking drives can put your data at risk.

Virtual Drive Creator

Virtual Drive Creator

So, its better to use a simple and small application called Virtual Drive Creator which can make new disk drives from any folder you choose.

Just a 400KB tool works on all Windows version.

Download Virtual Drive Creator


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  1. ledmirage says:

    there is this tool called subst for windows since years ago, i think even DOS era already has it … just one line of command to associate a folder with a drive letter

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