How to Detect Fake Facebook Profile

fake facebook profile detector

In Facebook, things are not all as it seems: there are people who are under false names, pictures, interests and even friends. You look at their profile and think “something here does not fit.” These characters seek to trick legitimate users the purpose of sending unsolicited advertising, steal personal information or engage in various scams.

We present a few simple rules to identify fake profiles on Facebook and prevent you from falling prey to this schemes. It’s easier than you think.

A fake profile of Facebook users actively seeks out others, sending friend requests, liking pages and posting messages on walls outside.

Here is something that stands out: no friends in common. What do you know about this guy? How did he/she get to you? The typical user of Facebook joins the invitation of a friend or relative, and often conduct their activities in a well-defined network. Unlike the case of people coming for other purposes.

First look at such profile os even more strange because it is a profile made ??quick and running, all mask, which knows little and says nothing about the person by which you can relate. No more pictures of profile, or if more are not related to each other and have not been labeled by other users or applications.

Main Features of Fake Facebook Profiles

1. Profile Photo of some Celebrity / cartoon ( Something Unreal)

Few can resist the temptation to accept the friendship of a good-looking person, especially if the opposite sex and generous areas of skin showing. However, this is the first thing to put on notice. Would the person you know use that picture? You are adding nothing more than junk to your friend list.

2. Single Profile Photo Album

Most fake profiles have only one or two photographs. To give a sense of verisimilitude, the most skilled rogue attempts to fill photo albums of all kinds, but, here’s the problem, the result difficult to get consistent. The images are of poor quality, without descriptions, tags or comments.

3. Too many friends on such Profile

The details of a fake profile, if they have been refilled, are mostly generic and focused on a single topic or set of issues that appeals to a specific audience, and the same applies to the pages. In summary, the fake profile corresponds to a personality extremely boring. But then how is it that has so many friends? A mystery.

4. Analyze the Friend List

Unless you travel a lot or you like learning new languages, the safest thing is you have less than 200 friends and most live less than a thousand miles from home. If the person adds you have dozens of friends scattered all over the world, thinking that it is a fake profile is reasonable.

5. Meaningless and incomplete Profile Information

It generally consists of Friends, Single, Looking for Relationship and profile is Open to all. Even Wall Posts will consist of crappy posts by applications and similar people like you who became victim. These Messages include ” Hello” ” How are you?”, “Do we know each other”, etc. OR Site Advertorials.

What to do if someone adds you do not know

Above all, do not panic! If someone adds you and do not know who he is, because you do not immediately accept the request, is now Facebook allows you to hide the requests instead of rejecting them. Another thing you can do is ask the contact what you know.

And if you prefer not to ask anything, for your name in Google and see what happens. Finally, keep in mind the golden rule of Facebook: just add acquaintances.

How to report Fake Facebook Profile

On Facebook, report and blocking a fake profile is very simple. In the sidebar of the profile in question, click on “Report / block this person” and select appropriate option. You can also block the person (well, you’ll never be able to add).

So, these were some common signals of Fake Facebook profile. As your experience grows, you will become wiser to detect them in just one look.


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  1. Vikram says:

    Many fake profiles nowadays, Thanks for sharing.

  2. skk says:

    yes there are many one which crossed 4000 friends.

  3. Archer says:

    [quote]If the person adds you have dozens of friends scattered all over the world, thinking that it is a fake profile is reasonable.[/quote]

    You seen to forget many sports related folk have assosiated clubs and members in many countrys so its not unusual to have “friends” in far flung places which you may never have met but have the same interest.

  4. srinusmart says:

    thanks for ur information dude

  5. The name cracks me up. I mean of all Hollywood celebrities…must be a fan of Julia. lol

  6. harry potter says:

    THanks NIce Content But i think thats not that much info which u think is suitable to detect a fake profile ……

    i do have more than 10 fake facebook profile near about 60000 email addresses

    but after i appreciate your work !! keepit up dude

    • Rohit Langde says:

      LOL! It also depends on the person maintaining Profiles.
      After reading this article, people will take care of factors mentioned to appear as genuine as possible.
      Good Luck and I appreciate your efforts too 😛

  7. panchovia says:

    You should only be creating fake facebook profiles. Too much risk to put your actual information online. I created Fake facebook profile but put my actual picture so my friends will recognize it. To all others it doesn’t make any sense so they will not bother me. Thus I will only receive messages from people who truly are my friends.

  8. I believe many bloggers create fake profiles on facebook to promote their blog. Hope you will write about this topic as well.

  9. secos says:

    why fb doesn t do like gmail. associate a account with a phone number sending a verif code de by sms.
    each associated phone number would have a limited possibility to create accounts

  10. abeel says:

    thanks i test it now 🙂

  11. Dawson says:

    I use Google Images Reverse Image Finder to figure out whether profile pic is original or not, simple yet instant way! Thanks for tips mentioned here.

  12. Jinu says:

    tanx guruji…

  13. Neeraj says:

    Great article. Really need of the hour as many ex BF’s are using fake profiles to disgrace girls. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Divyanshu chauhan says:

    Thnx for your advice it is best way to know about fake id and in your post a one attrative line are fake id are created in quick and running postion and meaningless information..

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